Review Your Game Film With Joe Walters


1-On-1 Film Review: This online training event developed by Premier Lacrosse League Academy athletes is designed to give direct feedback to athletes on how to grow as an offensive player. 1-On-1 Film Review require the athlete to submit game film, highlight reels, and at home drills prescribed by our PLL Pros who will then review the film and evaluate core areas that need to be developed and how to do so. Beyond that, our athletes are able to talk through game scenarios, their own workouts, and any other questions that will help you grow as a lacrosse player.
Joe Walters: Team USA Indoor and Outdoor member, 3-Time 1st Team All Pro Midfielder, 5-Time Professional Champion, All-Star, 4-Time All American, 2-Time 1st Team Attackman of the Year, 2-Time ACC Player of the Year, University of Maryland Hall of Fame, Redwoods LC Midfielder.
Session Times: 45 minute blocks of time are available on a weekly basis. Please submit game film, highlight reels, and other requested drills 24 hours prior to your session.
Requested Drills: These will help our athletes take a closer look at the details in your game, and make the feedback more direct and meaningful. These are not required with a game film and highlight submission, but are strongly recommended for stronger feedback during your 1-On-1 time.

  • Your Wall Ball Routine
  • Time and Room Shooting
  • Shooting On The Run
  • Split Dodge 

Video Format: Please upload your submission to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other video sharing location where they won’t be emailed as an attachment.
Pricing: 45 minute 1-On-1 Film Review Session – $119
Questions: Email with any questions. We understand you have options with lacrosse training, and we want you to be comfortable with whichever route you choose – especially ours.

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