Jake Watts

Redwoods Offseason Recap

Jake Watts takes a look at how the 2019 offseason went for Redwoods LC and examines the roster outlook ahead of 2020.

The Stag in the Woods

Jake Watts breaks down the qualities that make Brent Adams one of Redwoods LC’s hidden weapons and a dominant PLL midfielders.

The Crease King

The Crease King By Jake Watts | Apr 13, 2020 The Crease: a 255 square foot forcefield enclosing the goal. The painted circles serve as the last line of defense for goalies and teams guard their crease as if it were the Red Keep. Numerous offensive players who lay siege upon the crease will also […]
Tom Schreiber comes in at No. 1 on the list of top PLL passers

The Top 10 Passers in the PLL

The Top 10 Passers in the PLL By Jake Watts | Mar 27, 2020 The assist has long been the benchmark for ranking passers in lacrosse; a legacy stat that has its faults. The metric ignores the opportunities passers create that do not result in a goal. Shooters in the PLL missed 992 assisted shots […]
11 NBA x PLL Player Comparisons

11 NBA x PLL Player Comparisons

Lacrosse is a sport that showcases all skill sets. The game features speedsters, bulldozers, shooters, tacticians, and pure athletes. Those skill sets cross over to other sports, especially basketball. The inventor of basketball, James Naismith, gained inspiration from lacrosse when creating the new sport.

Eight NHL-PLL Comparisons

Matt Rambo and Gordie Howe are power forwards. Most attackmen square up their defender and split to the left or right — Rambo opts to run right through his man. He blends brutal physicality with crafty finishing and passing vision in a way that few others can.

Top 10 Moments Of The Atlas’ Season

Atlas did not have the season they were hoping for, but the club’s best moments transcended the sport of lacrosse. Their season was filled with spectacular individual performances and unbelievable highlights. Here are the Top 10 moments of Atlas’s season.