Jake Watts

Redwoods LC vs. Whipsnakes LC Week 5 Recap

Undefeated no more. Redwoods hand the Whipsnakes their first loss of the season in Week 5 in Atlanta. This one took a bit to get going but was action packed and a close contest at the end. The low scoring first quarter was not shocking considering the two teams give up the least amount of goals in the league.

Whipsnakes LC vs. Atlas LC Week 4 Recap

The Whipsnakes go on a late run to beat Atlas 15-10 in front of a sold out crowd at Homewood Field. Atlas looked to be in control most of the game, but the Whipsnakes switched to another gear in the fourth quarter. The late offensive onslaught keeps the Whipsnakes undefeated on the season.

Chrome LC vs. Redwoods LC Week 4 Recap

The impact of the first PLL trade was felt in Game 1 at Homewood Field in Baltimore. Jules Heningburg led the Redwoods squad to a 13-11 win over the winless Chrome. The start was indicative of the game; Redwoods took a controlling 4-0 lead and kept it on cruise control. A complete team effort has gotten the Redwoods back to .500 on the season.

Redwoods LC vs. Chaos LC Week 3 Recap

A back and forth battle between Redwoods and Chaos started with a bang after a Sergio Salcido two bomb. The Redwoods took a quick 3-0 lead after Joe Walters finished a beautiful pass from Matt Kavanagh.