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Joe Keegan's All-Film Team

The All-Film Team

Welcome to the first-ever installment of what I hope will become an annual tradition: The All-Film Team. This is the most watchable team in lacrosse. These players have games that lacrosse junkies appreciate in ways that casual viewers or box score browsers might not. They move off-ball. They fight relentlessly for groundballs. They make the pass before the pass. You might not notice them when you watch the game live, but on a second viewing, they jump off the screen.

The Whipsnakes’ Journey To The Crown

When the rosters were announced, the Whipsnakes were identified by their strong Maryland alumni base. 20 Terps from Drew Snider (Class of 2012) to Connor Kelly (Class of 2018) gave this club instant chemistry and culture.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Championship Edition

1. Rambo’s vision in pick-and-rolls Last week, Connor Fields was stranded on Landis Island. Matt Landis locked him down for 48 minutes. While we billed Landis against Matt Rambo (3G, 3A) as the marquee matchup, the Whipsnakes had different plans.
Who Is The Best 2-Way Midfielder In The World?

Perkovic vs. Bernhardt: Who Is The Best Two-Way Midfielder In The World?

In any sport, the best teams are the teams that adapt to the current set of rules. This starts with roster construction and continues on the field. Rules shape the speed and style of play. But rules are also constantly changing — just ask faceoff specialists. The Premier Lacrosse League is playing with a shorter field (100 yards) and a shorter shot clock (52 seconds) than field lacrosse has ever seen. It’s no surprise then that the two teams competing for the Crown — the Redwoods and the Whipsnakes — are the two best teams at the parts of the game that these rules emphasize: transitioning from defense to offense and from offense to defense.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Postseason Round 2 New York

1. A throwback throwback The Chaos went into the locker room with momentum, but the Redwoods snatched it back and took over the game in the third quarter. During that run Kyle Harrison drove down the lefty alley, drew Joe Walters’ defender, rolled back, and threw it eight yards and 10 years behind him to Walters.

Chaos LC 1-4-1 Deep Dive

It’s no secret that the Chaos offense is at its best in transition. They want to play fast, so naturally, other teams want to slow them down. At their pace of choice, the Chaos is the best team in the league. The problem: They haven’t played at their pace during their losing streak. Jarrod Neumann hasn’t hit a two-pointer in a month. He didn’t even attempt any in Columbus.

Head To Head Matchup: Matt Landis vs. Connor Fields

Last week, we expected to see Round 3 of Connor Fields vs. Tim Muller. Instead, the Whipsnakes switched up the matchup by sticking Matt Dunn on Fields. Fields will see another new matchup this week: Matt Landis.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Postseason Round 1 Columbus

1. Connor Fields vs. Matt Dunn, Round 1 Tim Muller drew the Connor Fields assignment in the first two matchups between these teams. Muller won Round 1, holding Fields to 2-for-6 shooting, no assists, and four turnovers in a Whipsnakes win. Fields and the Chaos countered in Round 2 with two goals, one assist, and one between-the-legs shot attempt.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Week 10 Albany

1. What trick did Ryder Garnsey add to his bag this week? Every damn week Ryder Garnsey (4G, 3A) adds a new trick to his bag. Sometimes it’s a pass – a shovel, a lever, or a behind-the-back. Sometimes it’s a new shot release point. It can be a new idea entirely, like throwing the ball to a defender as the shot clock expires in hopes of causing a turnover to earn a fresh 52-second clock. Most of these tricks aren’t new for Garnsey alone – they’re new for the entire sport of lacrosse.