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Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Week 2

Welcome to the 10 Man Ride – a weekly Monday recap hitting on the 10 best stats, plays and moments of the PLL weekend. 1. Matt Dunn fighting through picks Bryce Young was featured in this space last week for turning his man into a slide, peeling off, and collapsing to the crease with a yard sale check. The Whipsnakes LC’s recoveries are airtight when they need to support the on-ball defender; this week, they hardly had to slide to one matchup: Matt Dunn versus Jordan Wolf.

Dissecting Chrome’s pick and rolls at X

After a few possessions, the Chrome offense identified a key part of the Archers’ defensive gameplan: switch all big-little picks at X. Jordan Wolf (4A) and Justin Guterding (2G, 2A) are two of the league’s premier initiators.

Archers vs. Chrome Game 1 Recap

It only took Archers LC face-off athlete Stephen Kelly 11 seconds to find the back of the net, but it took us more than 48 minutes to find a winner in the first-ever Premier Lacrosse League game. Archers LC attackman Will Manny (4G) buried the game-winning goal in overtime to defeat the Chrome LC, 13-12.

10 Man Ride: Week 1

Welcome to the 10 Man Ride – a weekly Monday recap hitting on the 10 best stats, plays and moments of the PLL weekend.

Breaking down the new PLL rules

The PLL will play with a 52-second shot clock that starts upon possession. At first sight, that’s not a clean number – but keep in mind that the field is 10 yards shorter than a typical lacrosse field (more on that later). Now, there are 70 yards between each goal rather than 80 yards.
Lacrosse Lessons From The Battle Of Winterfell

Lacrosse Lessons From the Battle of Winterfell

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones featured the longest battle scene in television or movie history. The Battle of Winterfell featured some of the best fighters in Westeros. While some of the X’s and O’s decisions were questionable (why not build a bigger ring of fire?), the overall strategy provides some insight for the PLL’s players as they prepare to battle for the PLL crown.

How Box Lacrosse is Preparing American Players for the PLL

Atlas LC defenseman Kyle Hartzell hadn’t suited up for a National Lacrosse League game since 2013 when Brodie Merrill texted him last month. The San Diego Seals captain — along with his brother, Patrick, who is the head coach and general manager — urged Hartzell to return to box lacrosse. A few days later, Hartzell was on the floor for the Seals matchup with the Toronto Rock.

Preview and Predictions for the 2019 PLL Draft

Seriously, does it matter what your “team needs” are when Pat Spencer is on the board? Take the talent and figure it out later. Spencer is a ball-dominant feeder who has worked on his step-down shooting as an upperclassman; he’ll have to polish it further to play alongside other ball-carriers like Tom Schreiber and Kevin Rice. But it’s easy to envision the possibilities for this offense.

The Rise of Positionless Lacrosse

“I don’t have the five positions anymore,” Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens told the Associated Press two summers ago. “It may be as simple as three positions now, where you’re either a ball-handler, a wing or a big.”

Myles Jones Has Made Big Changes to His Training

Manny Rodriguez isn’t the only person to have that first impression of the 6-foot-5 Myles Jones. The key difference between Rodriguez and most people: Rodriguez trains NFL players for a living.