End-of-Year Awards Predictions By Austin Owens | Jul 29, 2021 Tweet After five weeks of jammed packed action and a star-studded All-Star Weekend, we had another week to wait until the return of PLL action. Last week, I went and took a look through each team’s MVP through the first part of the 2021 season.  […]
The Making of the Glick: ‘A war against average’ By Josh Schafer | Jul 29, 2021 Tweet What Mark Glicini is about to do doesn’t make much sense, at least not to most people. A few feet away from a 100 mph shot, most people would duck. They’d dodge the shot and live to fight […]
The two best defenses against unassisted shots – Redwoods (18.8%) and Chrome (20.0%) – defend in very different ways.
Film Study: Lyle-Rabil pick-and-rolls By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Jul 21, 2021 In a must-win scenario in Minnesota, the Cannons put Lyle Thompson and Paul Rabil in the pick-and-roll. Again. And again. And again. The action is one Lyle and Rabil have discussed and practiced, yet rarely run. It was possible against the Archers with […]
MVP Race: Entering the Homestretch By Austin Owens | Jul 20, 2021 Tweet We’re through the first portion of the 2021 season, and with the All-Star Game finished, we’ll take one look back at the opening stretch before turning our focus to the final run ahead of the playoffs.  The talks for individual awards are […]
Lyle Thompson brought what the fans wanted to see this past Sunday in Minneapolis as head coach Sean Quirk’s now 2-5 Cannons upset Chris Bates’ 3-3 Archers 13-12 in thrilling fashion with major plays on both sides of the ball.
Waterdogs move into second place after 12-6 win over Chrome By Lauren Merola | Jul 12, 2021 Tweet Mikie Schlosser led the Waterdogs with three goals to edge out Chrome 12-6 Sunday in Minneapolis. With their second win on the weekend, the Waterdogs jump from fifth place to second. All four Waterdog wins have come […]
Teat dominates again to push Atlas past Chaos By Austin Owens | Jul 11, 2021 Tweet After riding a nine-goal run to victory last weekend, the Chaos were on the other side of the same run in Week 5, as Atlas went on to pull out a 16-10 victory on Saturday night.  The night belonged, […]
Redwoods roll to 13-7 victory over Whipsnakes By Katie McNulty | Jul 11, 2021 Tweet In the biggest rivalry in the PLL, it was the Redwoods who came out on top, defeating the Whipsnakes 13-7 Saturday night in Minnesota.  Before today’s game, the two had met five times since the PLL’s inaugural season, but the […]
Chrome-Waterdogs Preview By Lauren Merola | Jul 11, 2021 Tweet Where to Watch Sunday, July 11th 4:45PM ET Peacock It’s crunch time. In the third-to-last weekend of regular season play, Chrome (2-3) sits in sixth and the Waterdogs (3-3) fifth, jumping up in the standings after their dominant win Friday against the Cannons.   So […]