A Special STX Pod with Kyle Harrison, Mike Ehrhardt and Will Manny

In a special STX edition, Lisa and Emma talk with Redwoods’ Kyle Harrison about how he’s been keeping busy at home with two young kids (1:29-2:52), staying ready for the 2020 season (2:53-4:15) and his reaction to the Myles Jones trade (4:16-6:25). They then get an update on how Whipsnakes’ Mike Ehrhardt is continuing to keep his lacrosse workouts going (7:33- 8:48), the Whipsnakes’ Zoom conference call (8:49-9:40), the “Breakfast Club” (9:41-12:20) and discuss which Whipsnake they’d want to be quarantined with during “Hypothetically Speaking” (12:21-15:22). Lisa and Emma then have an Archers edition of “That’s Speed Boy” with Will Manny (16:22-24:08). Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging us at @TheInsideFeed, @lisaredmond29 and @emmadamz. You can also follow @kyleharrison18, @airheart12, @willmanny1 and @stxmlax on Instagram. Enjoy the show!