Being a Woman in Sports with NBC’s Chantel McCabe

Lisa and Emma chat with NBC’s PLL sideline reporter and host on The Golf Channel, Chantel McCabe, on how she started in broadcasting and what her career path has looked like (3:00-11:45), how she got involved with the PLL (11:46-13:50) and how she prepped each weekend (13:51-19:39). Her experience covering the Championship Game (19:40-23:12), the similarities between working at The Golf Channel and the PLL (23:13-28:19), what advice she has for women trying to make their way into the sports industry (28:20-30:23) and the best advice she’s gotten throughout her career (30:24-34:03). Lisa, Emma and Chantel then discuss if they could interview one athlete, dead or alive, who it would be and why during Hypothetically Speaking (34:04-37:18). Lisa then puts Emma’s knowledge to the test with a Redwoods vs. Atlas Week 1 specific “That’s Speed Boiii.” (37:53-40:59). Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging us at @TheInsideFeed, @lisaredmond29 and @emmadamz on Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow @chantelmccabegc on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!