Everything BUT lacrosse with Rob Pannell

Lisa and Emma sit down with Rob Pannell to discuss how it feels to finally be in the PLL (3:02-3:26), what role he sees himself having in the league (3:27-3:57) and which team he wants to land on (3:58-6:02).   They then talk everything but lacrosse will Rob, including his favorite thing about Long Island (6:22-8:08), what a day looks like as Rob (8:09-9:34), his nickname (9:35- 10:44), his favorite movie (10:45-11:30) and being Uncle Rob (11:31-13:08). They then talk the best concert he’s ever been to (13:09-13:32), his favorite sport to watch (13:33-14:28), his favorite athlete (14:29-15:23), his favorite food (15:24-15:51), the most famous person he’s golfed with (15:52-17:12), who his best friend is (17:13-17:54) and what current show he’s bingeing (17:55-19:03).    The three then talk about the moment in his life where he was the most nervous (19:04-20:22), what career he would have if he wasn’t a professional lacrosse player (20:23-20:48), his biggest pet peeve (20:49- 21:03), his plans for arrival photos (21:04-22:17), their plans to get him Tik Tok famous (22:18-23:40) and try to get him to tell a secret about Paul (23:41-25:47).   Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging us at @TheInsideFeed, @lisaredmond29 and @emmadamz. You can also follow Rob Pannell at @robpannell3. Enjoy the show!