Everything ‘Woods with Joe Walters

Lisa and Emma discuss the important conversations they’ve been having with the PLL’s black players over the last few weeks amid recent events (0:37-3:27).   The girls are then joined by Redwoods midfielder Joe Walters to discuss how the last two weeks have impacted him (3:28-8:27), how the Redwoods built their identity throughout the season (8:28-10:48) and if he was hurt being left off the Whipsnakes roster (10:49-12:11). His go-ahead goal in the Championship Game (12:12-14:13), what’s driving the Redwoods’ offseason meetings (14:14-15:36) and why he loves the tournament-style season (15:37-18:29). Why the tournament-style season is in favor of the Redwoods roster (18:30-19:51) and his reaction to the Myles Jones trade (19:52-22:37).    Joe then breaks down some of his best chirps from the season and explains why he chirps so much (22:38-28:19), watching Ryder Garnsey evolve into a star (28:20-30:29), why Tim Troutner could have been Goalie of the Year (30:30-32:50), and why Garrett Epple is misunderstood (32:51-36:56).His goals for the 2020 season (36:57-38:22), what he’s packing for the Championship Series (38:23-39:33), which four teams he’d like to play in the first round (39:34-41:14) and if he’d rather only have coffee or Gatorade during Hypothetically Speaking (41:15-43:27).   Lisa then puts Emma’s knowledge to the test during a Joe Walters specific “That’s Speed Boiii.” (44:03-46:47).    Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging us at @TheInsideFeed, @lisaredmond29 and @emmadamz on Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow Joe Walters @jwalters1 on Instagram and Twitter. Enjoy the show!