Exclusive Interview with Romar Dennis…Right before he was traded

Romar Dennis came out of college as one of the best midfielders and strongest shooters in the world but in 2019, he average only 2 shots per game with the Chrome. During this very deep conversation, Paul and Romar discuss what went wrong last season and what he hopes for 2020, including the prospect of being traded. They also discussed his childhood, where his dad played for the Yankees in AAA, being a minority in the sport, and his size and skill transformation throughout college. Certified lacrosse junkie, Romar also recalls a lot of Paul’s stats and biggest plays throughout the episode.   Please rate and review and leave a question you’d like us to ask an athlete on future shows. Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging us at @UnbuckledPod and you can follow Romar on Instagram @romardennis. Enjoy the show!