Get to Know Archers’ Eli Gobrecht and Guess That Guest

Lisa and Emma discuss the Championship Series Challenge (0:42-2:03) and the release of the Championship Series TV Schedule (2:04-4:51). The girls are then joined by Archers defenseman Eli Gobrecht to discuss how he almost became a professional hockey player (4:52-7:13), growing up in Upstate New York and his journey to professional lacrosse (7:14-8:13) and how coming from a D3 school has fueled his motivation (8:14-9:10). How he plans on defending the best attackman in the world at the Championship Series (9:11-9:47), why he’s excited to play alongside Tom Schreiber and Matt McMahon (9:48-10:31) and what type of defender he would describe himself as (10:32-11:02). What he will contribute to the Archers defense (11:03-11:53), why he’s taking the underdog mentality into the 2020 season (11:54-12:34) and how important Archers Week was for him (12:35-13:42). If he’ll bring his flow back (13:43-14:21) and a few rapid fire questions (14:22-15:19). The three are then joined by one of Eli’s Archers teammates during “Guess that Guest.” (15:20-19:32). Lisa then puts Emma’s knowledge to the test with an Archers specific “That’s Speed Boiii.” (20:03-23:00).  Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging us at @TheInsideFeed, @lisaredmond29 and @emmadamz on Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow @eligobrecht and @willmanny1. Enjoy the show!