#help #needanswers with Matt Rambo

Lisa and Emma discuss the 2020 Players Top 50 that is dropping Monday (0:07-1:52) and give a shoutout to everyone who had The Inside Feed on their Spotify Wrapped playlist (1:53-3:07). The girls are then joined by Whipsnakes attackman Matt Rambo to discuss the Whips’ post-Championship Series celebration (3:08-5:57), the pressure to repeat (5:58-9:26) and what it was like losing his 2019 attackline (9:27-12:34). The bond Zed and him formed prior to the Championship Series (12:35-15:43), how Zed inspires him as a player (15:44-17:14) and their fourth-quarter championship game comeback (17:15-19:58). His conversations with roommate Blaze Riorden post-championship game (19:59-21:58), Joe Nardella and Kyle Bernlohr’s performances (21:59-23:54) and how Zed deserved all the success he had (23:55-28:11). How much it meant to repeat in such different fashion (28:12-30:03) and how the Whips can three-peat (30:04-31:50). Lisa and Emma then get Rambo to “Spill the Tea” on his #help #needanswers tweets (32:45-39:20). Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging @TheInsideFeed, @lisaredmond29 and @emmadamz on Instagram and Twitter, and you can follow @rattmambo on Instagram and Twitter. To grab your Infuse Your Mood Tea, head to sunchlorellausa.com!