How Jerry Ragonese Began Manufacturing Face Masks

Jerry Ragonese is not just a faceoff specialist for the Redwoods. He’s the owner and co-founder of ProAthletics, an apparel manufacturer that specializes in producing lacrosse uniforms. Yet in the wake of COVID-19, Ragonese found his business ground to a halt.  So he pivoted – leveraging his sewing machines, skilled workforce and production capabilities to sew face masks in his facility in southern California. Since then he’s produced tens of thousands of face masks, including the ones sold by PLL today. Jerry and Paul dig into the origins of ProAthletics, the evolution (and controversy) surrounding the faceoff position, and how Jerry once faked an allergic attack to find out a recipe.   You can get your very own PLL Face Mask at where all proceeds will be donated to Feeding America. Please rate, review and leave a question that you would like us to ask an athlete on future shows. Let us know your favorite bits from the episode by tagging us at @UnbuckledPod and you can follow Jerry on Instagram and Twitter @flowgo37. Enjoy the show!