Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi. What Makes Ryan Ambler Tom Schreiber’s Favorite Teammate By Zach Carey Jul 26, 2023 It’s the fourth week of the 2023 PLL season and the Archers are locked in an early offensive shootout with the Whipsnakes. The Archers have the ball with Ryan Ambler and Tom Schreiber are paired on […]
2020 All-Film Team By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Sep 15, 2020 Welcome to the second annual edition of the All-Film Team. A refresher if you missed the 2019 edition: These are players whose games you don’t fully appreciate until a second or third viewing of the game. They scrap. They set seals and cut hard. […]
10-Man Ride: Ament’s debut and Costabile’s two-way breakout By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Jul 28, 2020 CLEAR! The ride is on. A lightning delay left us with one game, but there’s a silver lining: We now have lacrosse every night this week. Let’s recap the Archers’ 11-10 win over Atlas before previewing Archers-Waterdogs (7:00PM on […]