League Transactions

*Excused Inactive List: Limited to players who have personal commitments that were affected by the season's format change.
*Military Reserve List: For active duty or training military personnel.
*Player Pool: Players signed to the PLL who are not currently on an active roster.

Last updated 4/5/2021

4/2/21 Tate Boyce Player Pool Chrome
4/2/21 Frank Brown Player Pool Whipsnakes
4/2/21 Mike Brown Player Pool Chrome
3/30/21 Andrew Kew Redwoods Cannons
3/30/21 Shayne Jackson Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Luke Anderson Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Scott Hooper Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Chris Hogan Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Justin Pugal Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 John Uppgren Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Alex Spring Player Pool Whipsnakes
3/30/21 Nate Solomon Player Pool Archers
3/30/21 JD Colarusso Player Pool Atlas
3/30/21 Bryce Wasserman Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Kevin Reisman Player Pool Whipsnakes
3/30/21 Nick Washuta Player Pool Archers
3/30/21 Brian Phipps Player Pool Redwoods
3/30/21 Ryan Beville Player Pool Chrome
3/30/21 Kyle Pless Player Pool Atlas
3/30/21 Chase Levesque Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Matt Whitcher Player Pool Waterdogs
3/30/21 Matt Abbott Player Pool Whipsnakes
3/30/21 Latrell Harris Player Pool Archers
3/30/21 Andrew Kew Player Pool Redwoods
3/30/21 Greg Weyl Player Pool Chrome
3/30/21 Mark Cockerton Player Pool Atlas
3/30/21 Holden Garlent Player Pool Cannons
3/29/21 Davey Emala Archers Player Pool
3/29/21 Mike Simon Archers Player Pool
3/29/21 Brent Adams Cannons Atlas
3/29/21 Brian Karalunas Waterdogs Player Pool
3/28/21 Curtis Corley Cannons Holdout List
3/26/21 Brent Noseworthy Atlas Retired
3/25/21 Kyle Jackson Entry Draft Chaos
3/25/21 Bryan Cole Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/25/21 Brendan Sunday Entry Draft Atlas
3/25/21 Colin Heacock Entry Draft Chrome
3/25/21 Ben Randall Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/25/21 Isaiah Davis-Allen Entry Draft Redwoods
3/25/21 Warren Jeffrey Entry Draft Archers
3/25/21 Nick Marrocco Entry Draft Cannons
3/25/21 Challen Rogers Entry Draft Chaos
3/25/21 Charles Hayes Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/25/21 Andrew Newbold Entry Draft Atlas
3/25/21 Sean Sconone Entry Draft Chrome
3/25/21 Mikie Schlosser Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/25/21 Ryan Lee Entry Draft Redwoods
3/25/21 Ryan McNamara Entry Draft Archers
3/25/21 Michael Rexrode Entry Draft Atlas
3/25/21 Max Adler Entry Draft Chaos
3/25/21 Chris Aslanian Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/25/21 Zach Goodrich Entry Draft Cannons
3/25/21 Randy Staats Entry Draft Chrome
3/25/21 Liam Byrnes Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/25/21 Daniel Bucaro Entry Draft Atlas
3/25/21 Graeme Hossack Entry Draft Archers
3/25/21 Lyle Thompson Entry Draft Cannons
3/11/21 Jacob Stover Whipsnakes Cannons
3/11/21 Brendan Gleason Redwoods Cannons
3/11/21 Tyson Bell Chaos Cannons
3/11/21 Thomas Kelly Chaos Cannons
3/11/21 Brendan Fowler Archers Cannons
3/11/21 Sam Duggan Chrome Cannons
3/11/21 Max Tuttle Whipsnakes Cannons
3/11/21 Clarke Petterson Redwoods Cannons
3/11/21 Deemer Class Chaos Cannons
3/11/21 Drew Simoneau Waterdogs Cannons
3/11/21 Josh Currier Archers Cannons
3/11/21 Jake Pulver Chrome Cannons
3/11/21 Brent Adams Redwoods Cannons
3/11/21 Reece Eddy Chrome Cannons
3/11/21 Curtis Corley Archers Cannons
3/11/21 Ryan Drenner Waterdogs Cannons
3/11/21 Connor Buczek Atlas Cannons
3/11/21 Brodie Merrill Waterdogs Cannons
3/2/21 Ryan Brown Atlas Waterdogs
2/28/21 Paul Rabil Atlas Cannons
2/26/21 Jason Noble Chaos Player Pool
2/26/21 Joe McCallion Whipsnakes Player Pool
2/25/21 Connor Fields Chaos Archers
2/25/21 Ian MacKay Archers Chaos
2/23/21 Matt Danowski Chrome Retired
2/23/21 John Moderski Injured List Chrome
2/19/21 Christian Scarpello Player Pool Waterdogs
2/12/21 Chase Fraser Player Pool Chaos
2/12/21 Greyson Torain Chaos Player Pool
2/12/21 Dalton Crossan Player Pool Chaos
2/12/21 Scott Rodgers Atlas Player Pool
2/12/21 Callum Robinson Atlas Player Pool
2/12/21 Jeremy Thompson Atlas Player Pool
2/12/21 Kyle Hartzell Atlas Player Pool
2/11/21 Gunnar Waldt Redwoods Player Pool
2/11/21 Rob Pannell Atlas Redwoods
2/8/21 Tate Boyce Waterdogs Player Pool
2/8/21 Justin Turri Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Ty Thompson Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Brett Queener Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Mike O'Neil Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Hunter Forbes Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Ryan Flanagan Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Greg Coholan Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Michael Kraus Holdout List Waterdogs
2/8/21 Tom Rigney Holdout List Chrome
2/8/21 Kevin Buchanan Chaos Retired
2/8/21 Joe Locascio Whipsnakes Retired
2/8/21 Isaac Paparo Whipsnakes Holdout List
2/8/21 Andrew Hodgson Atlas Retired
2/8/21 Brett Schmidt Whipsnakes Retired
2/8/21 Jeremy Sieverts Whipsnakes Retired
2/8/21 Ty Warner Whipsnakes Holdout List
2/8/21 Tyler Pfister Archers Retired
7/19/20 Jules Heningburg Redwoods PUP List
7/18/20 Evan Connell Archers PUP List
7/18/20 Tucker Durkin Atlas PUP List
7/8/20 Deemer Class Chaos Injured List
6/16/20 Jeremy Thompson Player Pool Atlas
6/16/20 Aidan Hynes Atlas Excused Inactive List
6/15/20 Josh Currier Player Pool Archers
6/15/20 Stephen Waldeck Archers Player Pool
6/15/20 Jake Withers Player Pool Waterdogs
6/15/20 Jesse King Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Jacob Pulver Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Eli Salama Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Brendan Kavanagh Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Sam Duggan Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Hunter Forbes Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 John Prendergast Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Simon Mathias Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Ryan Flanagan Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Matt Danowski Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Mike O'Neil Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Joel White Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Chris Bocklet Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Alex Ready Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Alec Tulett Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Brandon Mullins Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Dan Morris Whipsnakes Player Pool
6/12/20 Reed Junkin Waterdogs Player Pool
6/12/20 Dylan Johnson Waterdogs Player Pool
6/12/20 Matt Landis Redwoods Miltary Reserve
6/12/20 JoJo Marasco Redwoods Player Pool
6/12/20 Jerry Ragonese Redwoods Player Pool
6/12/20 Kylor Bellistri Redwoods Player Pool
6/12/20 Jeremy Thompson Chaos Player Pool
6/12/20 Chris Mattes Atlas Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Pat Young Atlas Player Pool
6/12/20 Brent Hiken Atlas Player Pool
6/12/20 Michael Noone Archers Player Pool
6/12/20 Nick Tintle Archers Player Pool
6/12/20 Kevin Rice Archers Player Pool
6/4/20 Mike Bocklet Chaos Retired
5/19/20 Matt Gaudet Chaos Chrome
5/14/20 Michael Kraus Waterdogs Holdout List
5/14/20 Tom Rigney Chrome Holdout List
5/14/20 Michael Kraus College Draft Waterdogs
5/14/20 Tom Rigney College Draft Chrome
5/14/20 Matt Gaudet College Draft Chaos
5/15/20 Peyton Smith College Draft Redwoods
5/16/20 Grant Ament College Draft Archers
5/17/20 Bryan Costabile College Draft Atlas
5/18/20 Sean New College Draft Whipsnakes
5/19/20 Aidan Hynes College Draft Atlas
5/20/20 Reece Eddy College Draft Chrome
5/21/20 Chris Price College Draft Redwoods
5/22/20 Jack Rapine College Draft Archers
5/23/20 Matt DeLuca College Draft Waterdogs
5/24/20 Matt Hubler College Draft Whipsnakes
4/20/20 Max Tuttle Chrome Whipsnakes
4/20/20 James Barclay Whipsnakes Chrome
4/20/20 Foster Huggins Whipsnakes Chrome
4/8/20 Jeff Reynolds Whipsnakes Retired
4/7/20 Tim Rotanz Whipsnakes Retired
3/19/20 BJ Grill Player Pool Waterdogs
3/19/20 Patrick Foley Player Pool Waterdogs
3/19/20 Dylan Johnson Player Pool Waterdogs
3/19/20 Tate Boyce Player Pool Waterdogs
3/19/20 Reed Junkin Player Pool Waterdogs
3/16/20 Zach Currier Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/16/20 Jesse Bernhardt Entry Draft Chrome
3/16/20 Rob Pannell Entry Draft Atlas
3/16/20 Eli Gobrecht Entry Draft Archers
3/16/20 Zed Williams Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/16/20 Finn Sullivan Entry Draft Redwoods
3/16/20 Dillon Ward Entry Draft Chaos
3/16/20 Ryland Rees Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/16/20 Donny Moss Entry Draft Chrome
3/16/20 Craig Chick Entry Draft Atlas
3/16/20 Christian Mazzone Entry Draft Archers
3/16/20 Tj Comizio Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/16/20 Greg Puskulgian Entry Draft Redwoods
3/16/20 Jason Noble Entry Draft Chaos
3/2/20 Romar Dennis Chrome Atlas
2/29/20 Sergio Salcido Redwoods Chaos
2/29/20 Myles Jones Chaos Redwoods
2/14/20 Joe Fletcher Chrome Retired
2/14/20 Goran Murray Archers Player Pool
2/12/20 Wes Berg Redwoods Waterdogs
2/12/20 Charlie Cipriano Chaos Waterdogs
2/12/20 Ryan Conrad Atlas Waterdogs
2/12/20 Christian Cuccinello Archers Waterdogs
2/12/20 Steve Dinapoli Atlas Waterdogs
2/12/20 Ryan Drenner Whipsnakes Waterdogs
2/12/20 Danny Eipp Archers Waterdogs
2/12/20 Brian Karalunas Redwoods Waterdogs
2/12/20 Connor Kelly Whipsnakes Waterdogs
2/12/20 Kieran McArdle Atlas Waterdogs
2/12/20 Kyle McClancy Chaos Waterdogs
2/12/20 Ben McIntosh Archers Waterdogs
2/12/20 Brodie Merrill Chaos Waterdogs
2/12/20 Ben Reeves Whipsnakes Waterdogs
2/12/20 Noah Richard Atlas Waterdogs
2/12/20 Chris Sabia Chrome Waterdogs
2/12/20 Drew Simoneau Chrome Waterdogs
2/12/20 Drew Snider Whipsnakes Waterdogs
9/16/19 Brent Hiken Player Pool Atlas
9/10/19 Tom Schreiber Archers Injured List
9/10/19 Jackson Place Archers Injured List
9/10/19 Callum Robinson Atlas Injured List
9/10/19 Ryan Brown Chrome Injured List
9/8/19 Brett Queener Suspended Chrome
8/27/19 John Moderski Chrome Injured List
8/27/19 Jordan Macintosh Chrome Injured List
8/27/19 Brett Queener Chrome Suspended
8/27/19 Mike Ehrhardt Injured List Whipsnakes
8/26/19 Jacob Stover Player Pool Whipsnakes
8/26/19 Alec Tulett Whipsnakes Chrome
8/26/19 Alex Ready Player Pool Chrome
8/20/19 Eddy Glazener Injured List Redwoods
8/20/19 Matt Kavanagh Injured List Redwoods
8/20/19 Mike Ehrhardt Whipsnakes Injured List
8/19/19 Hugh Crance Player Pool Redwoods
8/19/19 Chazz Woodson Redwoods Player Pool
8/19/19 Tyson Bell Player Pool Chaos
8/19/19 Jake Stover Chaos Player Pool
8/12/19 Eddy Glazener Redwoods Injured List
8/12/19 Matt Kavanagh Redwoods Injured List
8/5/19 Miles Thompson Injured List Chaos
7/29/19 Jake Stover Player Pool Chaos
7/29/19 Tyson Bell Chaos Player Pool
7/20/19 Greg Gurenlian Injured List Redwoods
7/20/19 Troy Reh Injured List Chaos
7/15/19 Greg Coholan Player Pool Chrome
7/15/19 Joe Resetarits Chaos Player Pool
7/15/19 Miles Thompson Chaos Injured List
7/3/19 Brent Hiken Redwoods Player Pool
7/1/19 James Barclay Player Pool Whipsnakes
7/1/19 Wes Berg Chrome Redwoods
6/29/19 Troy Reh Chaos Injured List
6/29/19 Greg Gurenlian Redwoods Injured List
6/26/19 James Barclay Chaos Player Pool
6/26/19 Mike Bocklet Player Pool Chaos
6/26/19 BJ Grill Chrome Player Pool
6/26/19 Joe Fletcher Player Pool Chrome
6/26/19 Mike Simon Atlas Archers
6/24/19 Bredan Fowler Chrome Archers
6/24/19 Joe McCallion Archers Whipsnakes
6/23/19 Brendan Fowler PUP List Chrome
6/19/19 Joe Resetarits PUP List Chaos
6/19/19 Matt Landis Injured List Redwoods
6/19/19 Scott Rodgers PUP List Atlas
6/19/19 Jake Stover Atlas Player Pool
6/19/19 John Lade Chrome Player Pool
6/19/19 Brendan Caputo Redwoods Player Pool
6/19/19 Mitch Jones Chrome Player Pool
6/18/19 Alec Tulett Redwoods Whipsnakes
6/18/19 Jules Heningburg Whipsnakes Redwoods
6/18/19 John Prendergast Player Pool Chrome
6/18/19 Simon Mathias Player Pool Chrome
6/11/19 Brad Smith Whipsnakes PUP List
6/11/19 Curtis Dickson Chaos PUP List
6/11/19 John Prendergast Archers Player Pool
6/11/19 Mike Bocklet Redwoods Player Pool
6/11/19 Shack Stanwick Atlas Player Pool
6/11/19 Johnny Surdick Military Reserve Chaos
6/11/19 Greyson Torain Military Reserve Chaos
6/4/19 Matt Landis Redwoods Injured List
6/4/19 Tal Bruno Atlas Player Pool
6/2/19 Brendan Gleason College Draft Redwoods
6/1/19 Brad Smith College Draft Whipsnakes
6/1/19 Joe Resetarits Chaos PUP List
6/1/19 John Prendergast College Draft Archers
6/1/19 Pat Spencer Archers Holdout List
5/30/19 Ryder Garnsey Player Pool Redwoods
5/29/19 Cade van Raaphoorst College Draft Atlas
5/29/19 Callum Crawford Chrome Player Pool
5/29/19 Chris Sabia College Draft Chrome
5/29/19 Jovan Miller Chrome Player Pool
5/29/19 Ryan Conrad College Draft Atlas
5/28/19 Greyson Torain College Draft Miltary Reserve
5/28/19 Tim Semisch Atlas Player Pool
5/26/19 Curtis Corley College Draft Archers
5/24/19 Jacob Stover Player Pool Atlas
5/24/19 Johnny Surdick College Draft Miltary Reserve
5/24/19 Max Tuttle College Draft Chrome
5/24/19 Ryan Flanagan Player Pool Chrome
5/24/19 Ryan Flanagan Atlas Player Pool
5/23/19 Austin Henningsen College Draft Chaos
5/23/19 Tyler Dunn College Draft Redwoods
5/19/19 Jack Rowlett College Draft Chaos
5/19/19 Noah Richard College Draft Atlas
5/18/19 Scott Rodgers Atlas PUP List
5/17/19 Austin Staats Chaos PUP List
5/17/19 Billy Dee Smith Chaos Retired
5/17/19 Brad Self Chaos PUP List
5/17/19 Brendan Fowler Chrome PUP List
5/17/19 Charlie Raffa Whipsnakes PUP List
5/17/19 Connor Cannizzaro Chrome Holdout List
5/17/19 Dylan O'Shaughnessy Whipsnakes PUP List
5/17/19 Jack Kelly Redwoods PUP List
5/17/19 Kevin Cooper Whipsnakes Holdout List
5/17/19 Peter Baum Redwoods Holdout List
5/15/19 Brent Noseworthy College Draft Atlas
5/13/19 Clarke Petterson College Draft Redwoods
5/13/19 Connor Farrell College Draft Chrome
5/13/19 Isaac Paparo College Draft Whipsnakes
5/13/19 Tim Troutner College Draft Redwoods
4/25/19 Brendan Caputo Player Pool Redwoods
4/25/19 Eric Scott Player Pool Chaos
4/25/19 Mitch Jones Player Pool Chrome