League Transactions

Roster Designations:

  • Injured List: Unable to perform due to a lacrosse-related injury or ailment sustained during the season. 
  • PUP List: Physically Unable to Perform due to injury outside of a PLL game. 
  • Unavailable to Travel List: Player is placed on the Unavailable to Travel list if he (1) Does not have an active VISA to work in the United States or (2) Cannot travel due to restrictions put in place by a government entity. 
  • Holdout List: Player who fails to report to his club, has not been medically cleared, or fails to submit paperwork will be placed on the holdout list. 
  • Military Reserve List: For active duty or training military personnel.
  • Player Pool: Players signed to the PLL who are not currently on an active roster.

Trade Deadline: The In-Season Trade Window will close on Friday, August 6, 2021, at 2:00PM ET.

Waiver Period: The Season Waiver Wire closes the Monday following the conclusion of the Regular Season, August 16, 2021, at 2:00PM ET.

Post-Season Waiver Period: A club must request permission to replace a player who is injured during the course of the Season, but that player is then ineligible for the remainder of the Post-Season. In such instances, a goalie may be replaced only by another goalie, a faceoff athlete only by another faceoff athlete, a pole only by another pole, and a short-stick position player only by another short-stick position player.

Reserve Roster Claims: A player that has been on a club’s Reserve Roster for three (3) consecutive games, may be claimed by another club. The claiming club must immediately place the player on its Restricted or Active Roster, and the player must remain on the claiming club’s Reserve Roster for at least one (1) game.

Last updated 7/26/2021

7/26/21 Donny Moss SSDM Player Pool Chrome
7/26/21 Will Perry Midfield Player Pool Whipsnakes
7/26/21 Dylan Molloy Attack Player Pool Chrome
7/26/21 Michael Sowers Attack Injured List Waterdogs
7/26/21 Lyle Thompson Attack Injured List Cannons
7/26/21 Paul Rabil Midfield Injured List Cannons
7/26/21 Brodie Merrill Defense Injured List Cannons
7/13/21 Michael Ehrhardt LSM Whipsnakes Injured List
7/13/21 Bryce Young Defense Whipsnakes Injured List
7/13/21 Jake Bernhardt SSDM Whipsnakes Injured List
7/13/21 Connor Kelly Midfield Waterdogs Injured List
7/13/21 Will Haus SSDM Chrome Injured List
7/13/21 Blaze Riorden Goalie Chaos Injured List
7/13/21 Brodie Merrill Defense Cannons Injured List
7/13/21 Paul Rabil Midfield Cannons Injured List
7/13/21 Lyle Thompson Attack Cannons Injured List
7/13/21 Jack Rowlett Defense Injured List Chaos
7/12/21 Kyle Hartzell LSM Player Pool Redwoods
7/8/21 Matt Rees LSM Military List Chaos
7/8/21 Jack Rowlett Defense Chaos Injured List
7/6/21 Connor Kirst Midfield Whipsnakes PUP List
7/6/21 Eric Scott Midfield Chaos Injured List
7/5/21 Nick Manis Midfield Player Pool Whipsnakes
7/5/21 Sean New Defense Whipsnakes Player Pool
7/5/21 Tate Boyce Goalie Chrome Atlas
7/5/21 Christian Cuccinello Attack Player Pool Cannons
7/5/21 Max Tuttle Midfield Cannons Player Pool
7/5/21 Jamie Trimboli Midfield Redwoods Cannons
7/5/21 Drew Simoneau Faceoff Cannons Whipsnakes
7/5/21 Chris Hogan Midfield Cannons Whipsnakes
7/5/21 Kevin Reisman Faceoff Whipsnakes Cannons
7/5/21 Drew Snider Midfield Waterdogs Injured List
7/5/21 Eric Scott Midfield Injured List Chaos
7/5/21 Jack Concannon Goalie Atlas Injured List
7/5/21 Connor Kirst Midfield PUP List Whipsnakes
7/2/21 Connor Kirst Midfield Whipsnakes PUP List
6/30/21 Sergio Salcido Midfield Chaos Player Pool
6/29/21 Tre Leclaire Attack Unavailable To Travel Archers
6/29/21 Joey Sankey Attack Archers Player Pool
6/29/21 Matt Rambo Attack Whipsnakes Injured List
6/29/21 John Sexton LSM Injured List Redwoods
6/29/21 Jack Near SSDM Injured List Redwoods
6/29/21 Ryan Lee Attack Injured List Redwoods
6/29/21 Dan Coates Defense Chaos Injured List
6/29/21 Tanner Cook Midfield Unavailable To Travel Chaos
6/28/21 Tim Edwards Midfield Player Pool Cannons
6/28/21 Josh Currier Midfield Cannons Player Pool
6/28/21 TJ Comizio SSDM Whipsnakes Chrome
6/28/21 Michael Brown SSDM Chrome Player Pool
6/28/21 Peyton Smith Faceoff Player Pool Cannons
6/28/21 Thomas Kelly Faceoff Cannons Player Pool
6/28/21 Brian Phipps Goalie Redwoods Whipsnakes
6/28/21 Chase Fraser Attack Unavailable To Travel Chaos
6/28/21 Shayne Jackson Attack Unavailable To Travel Cannons
6/22/21 Jeff Teat Attack Unavailable To Travel Atlas
6/22/21 James Pannell Attack Atlas Player Pool
6/21/21 Ethan Walker Attack Unavailable To Travel Waterdogs
6/21/21 Ryan Smith Attack Unavailable To Travel Chaos
6/21/21 Brendan Gleason Attack Player Pool Chaos
6/21/21 Tate Boyce Goalie Player Pool Chrome
6/21/21 CJ Costabile LSM Player Pool Chaos
6/21/21 Kevin Unterstein SSDM Player Pool Redwoods
6/21/21 Nick Cardile Defense Player Pool Chrome
6/21/21 Cole Williams Midfield Player Pool Waterdogs
6/21/21 Bryce Wasserman Attack Player Pool Chaos
6/21/21 Casey Dowd Faceoff Waterdogs Player Pool
6/21/21 John Sexton LSM Redwoods Injured List
6/21/21 Ryan Lee Attack Redwoods Injured List
6/21/21 Jack Near SSDM Redwoods Injured List
6/21/21 Wes Berg Attack Chaos Injured List
6/21/21 Eric Scott Midfield Chaos Injured List
6/21/21 Jesse Bernhardt Defense Chrome Injured List
6/21/21 JT Giles-Harris Defense Chrome PUP List
6/21/21 Matt Gaudet Attack Suspended Contract Terminated
6/21/21 Austin Staats Attack Suspended Contract Terminated
6/14/21 Christian Cuccinello Attack Waterdogs Player Pool
6/14/21 Scott Hooper Defense Player Pool Cannons
6/14/21 John Uppgren Attack Cannons Player Pool
6/14/21 Kyle Thornton Defense Chaos Redwoods
6/7/21 Matt Whitcher SSDM Player Pool Waterdogs
6/7/21 Michael Sowers Attack Waterdogs Injured List
6/7/21 Nick Ossello Midfield Redwoods Retired
6/7/21 Tommy Palasek Attack Player Pool Chrome
6/7/21 Kevin Rogers Midfield Player Pool Chrome
6/7/21 Jordan Wolf Attack Chrome Injured List
6/7/21 Brendan Sunday Attack Player Pool Cannons
6/7/21 Bryce Wasserman Attack Cannons Player Pool
6/6/21 Matt Gaudet Attack Chrome Suspended
6/6/21 Austin Staats Goalie Chaos Suspended
6/1/21 Luke Anderson Midfield Cannons Player Pool
6/1/21 Scott Hooper Defense Cannons Player Pool
6/1/21 Chase Levesque LSM Cannons Player Pool
6/1/21 Clarke Petterson Attack Cannons Player Pool
6/1/21 Justin Pugal Defense Cannons Player Pool
6/1/21 Frank Brown Midfield Whipsnakes Player Pool
6/1/21 Alex Ready Goalie Whipsnakes Player Pool
6/1/21 Alex Spring LSM Whipsnakes Player Pool
6/1/21 Jack Jasinski Midfield Whipsnakes Player Pool
6/1/21 Matt Hubler Midfield Whipsnakes Player Pool
6/1/21 Kevin Unterstein SSDM Atlas Player Pool
6/1/21 Brendan Sunday Attack Atlas Player Pool
6/1/21 Aidan Hynes Defense Atlas Player Pool
6/1/21 Sam Lucchesi Goalie Atlas Player Pool
6/1/21 Matt Whitcher SSDM Waterdogs Player Pool
6/1/21 Kyle McClancy SSDM Waterdogs Player Pool
6/1/21 Danny Eipp Midfield Waterdogs Player Pool
6/1/21 Nick Washuta Goalie Archers Player Pool
6/1/21 Nate Solomon Attack Archers Player Pool
6/1/21 Noah Rak Faceoff Archers Player Pool
6/1/21 Evan Connell LSM Archers Player Pool
6/1/21 Larken Kemp LSM Redwoods Player Pool
6/1/21 Chris Price Defense Redwoods Player Pool
6/1/21 Peyton Smith Faceoff Redwoods Player Pool
6/1/21 Greg Puskuldjian Faceoff Redwoods Player Pool
6/1/21 Jeremy Thompson Midfield Chrome Player Pool
6/1/21 Tate Boyce Goalie Chrome Player Pool
6/1/21 Donny Moss SSDM Chrome Player Pool
6/1/21 CJ Costabile LSM Chrome Player Pool
6/1/21 Randy Staats Attack Chrome Injured List
6/1/21 Austin Henningsen Faceoff Chaos Player Pool
5/27/21 Brian Karalunas LSM Waterdogs Retired
5/21/21 Miles Thompson Attack Chaos Holdout List
4/30/21 Jack Jasinski Midfield Player Pool Whipsnakes
4/30/21 Simon Mathias Attack Player Pool Whipsnakes
4/30/21 CJ Costabile LSM Player Pool Chrome
4/30/21 Simon Mathias Attack Chrome Player Pool
4/30/21 Brian Karalunas LSM Player Pool Waterdogs
4/30/21 Alex Ready Goalie Player Pool Whipsnakes
4/30/21 Jeremy Thompson Midfield Player Pool Chrome
4/30/21 Noah Rak Faceoff Player Pool Archers
4/30/21 Sam Lucchesi Goalie Player Pool Atlas
4/30/21 Austin Kaut Goalie Player Pool Chaos
4/30/21 Wes Berg Attack Waterdogs Chaos
4/30/21 Dillon Ward Goalie Chaos Waterdogs
4/30/21 Chris Cloutier Attack Atlas Chaos
4/30/21 Patrick Foley Defense Waterdogs Player Pool
4/30/21 Ryan Smith Attack Chaos Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Chase Fraser Attack Chaos Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Shayne Jackson Attack Cannons Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Tanner Cook Midfield Chaos Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Ethan Walker Attack Waterdogs Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Jeff Teat Attack Atlas Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Tre Leclaire Attack Archers Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Curtis Dickson Attack Chaos Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Challen Rogers Midfield Chaos Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Bryan Cole Midfield Whipsnakes Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Jesse King Midfield Chrome Unavailable To Travel
4/30/21 Tom Rigney Defense Chrome Miltary Reserve
4/27/21 Casey Dowd Faceoff Player Pool Waterdogs
4/27/21 Tyler Dunn Midfield Redwoods Player Pool
4/27/21 Brendan Gleason Attack Cannons Player Pool
4/27/21 Brendan Fowler Faceoff Cannons Injured List
4/26/21 Charlie Leonard Faceoff College Draft Redwoods
4/26/21 Nick Grill Defense College Draft Whipsnakes
4/26/21 Ryan Smith Attack College Draft Chaos
4/26/21 Jamie Trimboli Midfield College Draft Redwoods
4/26/21 Jackson Morrill Attack College Draft Chrome
4/26/21 Ethan Walker Attack College Draft Waterdogs
4/26/21 Gerard Arceri Faceoff College Draft Atlas
4/26/21 Stephen Rehfuss Attack College Draft Cannons
4/26/21 Charlie Bertrand Attack College Draft Redwoods
4/26/21 Colin Squires Defense College Draft Whipsnakes
4/26/21 Kyle Thornton Defense College Draft Chaos
4/26/21 Conor Gaffney Faceoff College Draft Archers
4/26/21 Justin Anderson Midfield College Draft Chrome
4/26/21 Jared Bernhardt Attack College Draft Chaos
4/26/21 Jeff Trainor Midfield College Draft Archers
4/26/21 Eli Gobrecht Defense Archers Waterdogs
4/26/21 Peter Dearth SSDM College Draft Atlas
4/26/21 Ryan Tierney Attack College Draft Whipsnakes
4/26/21 Tanner Cook Midfield College Draft Chaos
4/26/21 Kyle Gallagher Faceoff College Draft Chaos
4/26/21 Tre Leclaire Attack College Draft Archers
4/26/21 Ryan Terefenko SSDM College Draft Chrome
4/26/21 Danny Logan SSDM College Draft Atlas
4/26/21 Jake Carraway Attack College Draft Atlas
4/26/21 Jack Kielty Defense College Draft Cannons
4/26/21 Dox Aitken Midfield College Draft Atlas
4/26/21 Connor Kirst Midfield College Draft Whipsnakes
4/26/21 Mac O'Keefe Attack College Draft Chaos
4/26/21 Jared Conners Long Stick Midfield College Draft Archers
4/26/21 TD Ierlan Faceoff College Draft Redwoods
4/26/21 JT Giles-Harris Defense College Draft Chrome
4/26/21 Michael Sowers Attack College Draft Waterdogs
4/26/21 Jeff Teat Attack College Draft Atlas
4/20/21 Foster Huggins #N/A Chrome Holdout List
4/16/21 Reed Junkin #N/A Player Pool Whipsnakes
4/2/21 Tate Boyce #N/A Player Pool Chrome
4/2/21 Frank Brown #N/A Player Pool Whipsnakes
4/2/21 Michael Brown #N/A Player Pool Chrome
3/30/21 Andrew Kew #N/A Redwoods Cannons
3/30/21 Shayne Jackson #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Luke Anderson #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Scott Hooper #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Chris Hogan #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Justin Pugal #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 John Uppgren #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Alex Spring #N/A Player Pool Whipsnakes
3/30/21 Nate Solomon #N/A Player Pool Archers
3/30/21 JD Colarusso #N/A Player Pool Atlas
3/30/21 Bryce Wasserman #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Kevin Reisman #N/A Player Pool Whipsnakes
3/30/21 Nick Washuta #N/A Player Pool Archers
3/30/21 Brian Phipps #N/A Player Pool Redwoods
3/30/21 Ryan Beville #N/A Player Pool Chrome
3/30/21 Kyle Pless #N/A Player Pool Atlas
3/30/21 Chase Levesque #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/30/21 Matt Whitcher #N/A Player Pool Waterdogs
3/30/21 Matt Abbott #N/A Player Pool Whipsnakes
3/30/21 Latrell Harris #N/A Player Pool Archers
3/30/21 Andrew Kew #N/A Player Pool Redwoods
3/30/21 Greg Weyl #N/A Player Pool Chrome
3/30/21 Mark Cockerton #N/A Player Pool Atlas
3/30/21 Holden Garlent #N/A Player Pool Cannons
3/29/21 Davey Emala #N/A Archers Player Pool
3/29/21 Mike Simon #N/A Archers Player Pool
3/29/21 Brent Adams #N/A Cannons Atlas
3/29/21 Brian Karalunas #N/A Waterdogs Player Pool
3/28/21 Curtis Corley #N/A Cannons Holdout List
3/26/21 Brent Noseworthy #N/A Atlas Retired
3/25/21 Kyle Jackson #N/A Entry Draft Chaos
3/25/21 Bryan Cole #N/A Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/25/21 Brendan Sunday #N/A Entry Draft Atlas
3/25/21 Colin Heacock #N/A Entry Draft Chrome
3/25/21 Ben Randall #N/A Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/25/21 Isaiah Davis-Allen #N/A Entry Draft Redwoods
3/25/21 Warren Jeffrey #N/A Entry Draft Archers
3/25/21 Nick Marrocco #N/A Entry Draft Cannons
3/25/21 Challen Rogers #N/A Entry Draft Chaos
3/25/21 Charlie Hayes #N/A Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/25/21 Andrew Newbold #N/A Entry Draft Atlas
3/25/21 Sean Sconone #N/A Entry Draft Chrome
3/25/21 Mikie Schlosser #N/A Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/25/21 Ryan Lee #N/A Entry Draft Redwoods
3/25/21 Ryan McNamara #N/A Entry Draft Archers
3/25/21 Michael Rexrode #N/A Entry Draft Atlas
3/25/21 Max Adler #N/A Entry Draft Chaos
3/25/21 Chris Aslanian #N/A Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/25/21 Zach Goodrich #N/A Entry Draft Cannons
3/25/21 Randy Staats #N/A Entry Draft Chrome
3/25/21 Liam Byrnes #N/A Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/25/21 Daniel Bucaro #N/A Entry Draft Atlas
3/25/21 Graeme Hossack #N/A Entry Draft Archers
3/25/21 Lyle Thompson #N/A Entry Draft Cannons
3/11/21 Jacob Stover #N/A Whipsnakes Cannons
3/11/21 Brendan Gleason #N/A Redwoods Cannons
3/11/21 Tyson Bell #N/A Chaos Cannons
3/11/21 Thomas Kelly #N/A Chaos Cannons
3/11/21 Brendan Fowler #N/A Archers Cannons
3/11/21 Sam Duggan #N/A Chrome Cannons
3/11/21 Max Tuttle #N/A Whipsnakes Cannons
3/11/21 Clarke Petterson #N/A Redwoods Cannons
3/11/21 Deemer Class #N/A Chaos Cannons
3/11/21 Drew Simoneau #N/A Waterdogs Cannons
3/11/21 Josh Currier #N/A Archers Cannons
3/11/21 Jake Pulver #N/A Chrome Cannons
3/11/21 Brent Adams #N/A Redwoods Cannons
3/11/21 Reece Eddy #N/A Chrome Cannons
3/11/21 Curtis Corley #N/A Archers Cannons
3/11/21 Ryan Drenner #N/A Waterdogs Cannons
3/11/21 Connor Buczek #N/A Atlas Cannons
3/11/21 Brodie Merrill #N/A Waterdogs Cannons
3/2/21 Ryan Brown #N/A Atlas Waterdogs
2/28/21 Paul Rabil #N/A Atlas Cannons
2/26/21 Jason Noble #N/A Chaos Player Pool
2/26/21 Joseph McCallion #N/A Whipsnakes Player Pool
2/25/21 Connor Fields #N/A Chaos Archers
2/25/21 Ian MacKay #N/A Archers Chaos
2/23/21 Matt Danowski #N/A Chrome Retired
2/23/21 John Moderski #N/A Injured List Chrome
2/19/21 Christian Scarpello #N/A Player Pool Waterdogs
2/12/21 Chase Fraser #N/A Player Pool Chaos
2/12/21 Greyson Torain #N/A Chaos Player Pool
2/12/21 Dalton Crossan #N/A Player Pool Chaos
2/12/21 Scott Rodgers #N/A Atlas Player Pool
2/12/21 Callum Robinson #N/A Atlas Player Pool
2/12/21 Jeremy Thompson #N/A Atlas Player Pool
2/12/21 Kyle Hartzell #N/A Atlas Player Pool
2/11/21 Gunnar Waldt #N/A Redwoods Player Pool
2/11/21 Rob Pannell #N/A Atlas Redwoods
2/8/21 Tate Boyce #N/A Waterdogs Player Pool
2/8/21 Justin Turri #N/A Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Ty Thompson #N/A Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Brett Queener #N/A Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Mike O'Neil #N/A Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Hunter Forbes #N/A Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Ryan Flanagan #N/A Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Greg Coholan #N/A Chrome Player Pool
2/8/21 Michael Kraus #N/A Holdout List Waterdogs
2/8/21 Tom Rigney #N/A Holdout List Chrome
2/8/21 Kevin Buchanan #N/A Chaos Retired
2/8/21 Joe Locascio #N/A Whipsnakes Retired
2/8/21 Isaac Paparo #N/A Whipsnakes Holdout List
2/8/21 Andrew Hodgson #N/A Atlas Retired
2/8/21 Brett Schmidt #N/A Whipsnakes Retired
2/8/21 Jeremy Sieverts #N/A Whipsnakes Retired
2/8/21 Ty Warner #N/A Whipsnakes Holdout List
2/8/21 Tyler Pfister #N/A Archers Retired
7/19/20 Jules Heningburg #N/A Redwoods PUP List
7/18/20 Evan Connell #N/A Archers PUP List
7/18/20 Tucker Durkin #N/A Atlas PUP List
7/8/20 Deemer Class #N/A Chaos Injured List
6/16/20 Jeremy Thompson #N/A Player Pool Atlas
6/16/20 Aidan Hynes #N/A Atlas Excused Inactive List
6/15/20 Josh Currier #N/A Player Pool Archers
6/15/20 Steven Waldeck #N/A Archers Player Pool
6/15/20 Jake Withers #N/A Player Pool Waterdogs
6/15/20 Jesse King #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Jake Pulver #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Eli Salama #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Brendan Kavanagh #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Sam Duggan #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 Hunter Forbes #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/15/20 John Prendergast #N/A Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Simon Mathias #N/A Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Ryan Flanagan #N/A Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Matt Danowski #N/A Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Mike O'Neil #N/A Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Joel White #N/A Chrome Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Chris Bocklet #N/A Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Alex Ready #N/A Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Alec Tulett #N/A Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Brandon Mullins #N/A Chrome Player Pool
6/12/20 Dan Morris #N/A Whipsnakes Player Pool
6/12/20 Reed Junkin #N/A Waterdogs Player Pool
6/12/20 Dylan Johnson #N/A Waterdogs Player Pool
6/12/20 Matthew Landis #N/A Redwoods Miltary Reserve
6/12/20 JoJo Marasco #N/A Redwoods Player Pool
6/12/20 Jerry Ragonese #N/A Redwoods Player Pool
6/12/20 Kylor Bellistri #N/A Redwoods Player Pool
6/12/20 Jeremy Thompson #N/A Chaos Player Pool
6/12/20 Chris Mattes #N/A Atlas Excused Inactive List
6/12/20 Pat Young #N/A Atlas Player Pool
6/12/20 Brent Hiken #N/A Atlas Player Pool
6/12/20 Michael Noone #N/A Archers Player Pool
6/12/20 Nicholas Tintle #N/A Archers Player Pool
6/12/20 Kevin Rice #N/A Archers Player Pool
6/4/20 Mike Bocklet #N/A Chaos Retired
5/19/20 Matt Gaudet #N/A Chaos Chrome
5/14/20 Michael Kraus #N/A Waterdogs Holdout List
5/14/20 Tom Rigney #N/A Chrome Holdout List
5/14/20 Michael Kraus #N/A College Draft Waterdogs
5/14/20 Tom Rigney #N/A College Draft Chrome
5/14/20 Matt Gaudet #N/A College Draft Chaos
5/15/20 Peyton Smith #N/A College Draft Redwoods
5/16/20 Grant Ament #N/A College Draft Archers
5/17/20 Bryan Costabile #N/A College Draft Atlas
5/18/20 Sean New #N/A College Draft Whipsnakes
5/19/20 Aidan Hynes #N/A College Draft Atlas
5/20/20 Reece Eddy #N/A College Draft Chrome
5/21/20 Chris Price #N/A College Draft Redwoods
5/22/20 Jack Rapine #N/A College Draft Archers
5/23/20 Matt DeLuca #N/A College Draft Waterdogs
5/24/20 Matt Hubler #N/A College Draft Whipsnakes
4/20/20 Max Tuttle #N/A Chrome Whipsnakes
4/20/20 James Barclay #N/A Whipsnakes Chrome
4/20/20 Foster Huggins #N/A Whipsnakes Chrome
4/8/20 Jeff Reynolds #N/A Whipsnakes Retired
4/7/20 Tim Rotanz #N/A Whipsnakes Retired
3/19/20 BJ Grill #N/A Player Pool Waterdogs
3/19/20 Patrick Foley #N/A Player Pool Waterdogs
3/19/20 Dylan Johnson #N/A Player Pool Waterdogs
3/19/20 Tate Boyce #N/A Player Pool Waterdogs
3/19/20 Reed Junkin #N/A Player Pool Waterdogs
3/16/20 Zach Currier #N/A Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/16/20 Jesse Bernhardt #N/A Entry Draft Chrome
3/16/20 Rob Pannell #N/A Entry Draft Atlas
3/16/20 Eli Gobrecht #N/A Entry Draft Archers
3/16/20 Zed Williams #N/A Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/16/20 Finn Sullivan #N/A Entry Draft Redwoods
3/16/20 Dillon Ward #N/A Entry Draft Chaos
3/16/20 Ryland Rees #N/A Entry Draft Waterdogs
3/16/20 Donny Moss #N/A Entry Draft Chrome
3/16/20 Craig Chick #N/A Entry Draft Atlas
3/16/20 Christian Mazzone #N/A Entry Draft Archers
3/16/20 Tj Comizio #N/A Entry Draft Whipsnakes
3/16/20 Greg Puskulgian #N/A Entry Draft Redwoods
3/16/20 Jason Noble #N/A Entry Draft Chaos
3/2/20 Romar Dennis #N/A Chrome Atlas
2/29/20 Sergio Salcido #N/A Redwoods Chaos
2/29/20 Myles Jones #N/A Chaos Redwoods
2/14/20 Joe Fletcher #N/A Chrome Retired
2/14/20 Goran Murray #N/A Archers Player Pool
2/12/20 Wes Berg #N/A Redwoods Waterdogs
2/12/20 Charlie Cipriano #N/A Chaos Waterdogs
2/12/20 Ryan Conrad #N/A Atlas Waterdogs
2/12/20 Christian Cuccinello #N/A Archers Waterdogs
2/12/20 Steve Dinapoli #N/A Atlas Waterdogs
2/12/20 Ryan Drenner #N/A Whipsnakes Waterdogs
2/12/20 Danny Eipp #N/A Archers Waterdogs
2/12/20 Brian Karalunas #N/A Redwoods Waterdogs
2/12/20 Connor Kelly #N/A Whipsnakes Waterdogs
2/12/20 Kieran McArdle #N/A Atlas Waterdogs
2/12/20 Kyle McClancy #N/A Chaos Waterdogs
2/12/20 Ben McIntosh #N/A Archers Waterdogs
2/12/20 Brodie Merrill #N/A Chaos Waterdogs
2/12/20 Ben Reeves #N/A Whipsnakes Waterdogs
2/12/20 Noah Richard #N/A Atlas Waterdogs
2/12/20 Chris Sabia #N/A Chrome Waterdogs
2/12/20 Drew Simoneau #N/A Chrome Waterdogs
2/12/20 Drew Snider #N/A Whipsnakes Waterdogs
9/16/19 Brent Hiken #N/A Player Pool Atlas
9/10/19 Tom Schreiber #N/A Archers Injured List
9/10/19 Jackson Place #N/A Archers Injured List
9/10/19 Callum Robinson #N/A Atlas Injured List
9/10/19 Ryan Brown #N/A Chrome Injured List
9/8/19 Brett Queener #N/A Suspended Chrome
8/27/19 John Moderski #N/A Chrome Injured List
8/27/19 Jordan Macintosh #N/A Chrome Injured List
8/27/19 Brett Queener #N/A Chrome Suspended
8/27/19 Mike Ehrhardt #N/A Injured List Whipsnakes
8/26/19 Jacob Stover #N/A Player Pool Whipsnakes
8/26/19 Alec Tulett #N/A Whipsnakes Chrome
8/26/19 Alex Ready #N/A Player Pool Chrome
8/20/19 Eddy Glazener #N/A Injured List Redwoods
8/20/19 Matt Kavanagh #N/A Injured List Redwoods
8/20/19 Mike Ehrhardt #N/A Whipsnakes Injured List
8/19/19 Hugh Crance #N/A Player Pool Redwoods
8/19/19 Chazz Woodson #N/A Redwoods Player Pool
8/19/19 Tyson Bell #N/A Player Pool Chaos
8/19/19 Jake Stover #N/A Chaos Player Pool
8/12/19 Eddy Glazener #N/A Redwoods Injured List
8/12/19 Matt Kavanagh #N/A Redwoods Injured List
8/5/19 Miles Thompson #N/A Injured List Chaos
7/29/19 Jake Stover #N/A Player Pool Chaos
7/29/19 Tyson Bell #N/A Chaos Player Pool
7/20/19 Greg Gurenlian #N/A Injured List Redwoods
7/20/19 Troy Reh #N/A Injured List Chaos
7/15/19 Greg Coholan #N/A Player Pool Chrome
7/15/19 Joe Resetarits #N/A Chaos Player Pool
7/15/19 Miles Thompson #N/A Chaos Injured List
7/3/19 Brent Hiken #N/A Redwoods Player Pool
7/1/19 James Barclay #N/A Player Pool Whipsnakes
7/1/19 Wes Berg #N/A Chrome Redwoods
6/29/19 Troy Reh #N/A Chaos Injured List
6/29/19 Greg Gurenlian #N/A Redwoods Injured List
6/26/19 James Barclay #N/A Chaos Player Pool
6/26/19 Mike Bocklet #N/A Player Pool Chaos
6/26/19 BJ Grill #N/A Chrome Player Pool
6/26/19 Joe Fletcher #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/26/19 Mike Simon #N/A Atlas Archers
6/24/19 Bredan Fowler #N/A Chrome Archers
6/24/19 Joe McCallion #N/A Archers Whipsnakes
6/23/19 Brendan Fowler #N/A PUP List Chrome
6/19/19 Joe Resetarits #N/A PUP List Chaos
6/19/19 Matt Landis #N/A Injured List Redwoods
6/19/19 Scott Rodgers #N/A PUP List Atlas
6/19/19 Jake Stover #N/A Atlas Player Pool
6/19/19 John Lade #N/A Chrome Player Pool
6/19/19 Brendan Caputo #N/A Redwoods Player Pool
6/19/19 Mitch Jones #N/A Chrome Player Pool
6/18/19 Alec Tulett #N/A Redwoods Whipsnakes
6/18/19 Jules Heningburg #N/A Whipsnakes Redwoods
6/18/19 John Prendergast #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/18/19 Simon Mathias #N/A Player Pool Chrome
6/11/19 Brad Smith #N/A Whipsnakes PUP List
6/11/19 Curtis Dickson #N/A Chaos PUP List
6/11/19 John Prendergast #N/A Archers Player Pool
6/11/19 Mike Bocklet #N/A Redwoods Player Pool
6/11/19 Shack Stanwick #N/A Atlas Player Pool
6/11/19 Johnny Surdick #N/A Military Reserve Chaos
6/11/19 Greyson Torain #N/A Military Reserve Chaos
6/4/19 Matt Landis #N/A Redwoods Injured List
6/4/19 Tal Bruno #N/A Atlas Player Pool
6/2/19 Brendan Gleason #N/A College Draft Redwoods
6/1/19 Brad Smith #N/A College Draft Whipsnakes
6/1/19 Joe Resetarits #N/A Chaos PUP List
6/1/19 John Prendergast #N/A College Draft Archers
6/1/19 Pat Spencer #N/A Archers Holdout List
5/30/19 Ryder Garnsey #N/A Player Pool Redwoods
5/29/19 Cade van Raaphoorst #N/A College Draft Atlas
5/29/19 Callum Crawford #N/A Chrome Player Pool
5/29/19 Chris Sabia #N/A College Draft Chrome
5/29/19 Jovan Miller #N/A Chrome Player Pool
5/29/19 Ryan Conrad #N/A College Draft Atlas
5/28/19 Greyson Torain #N/A College Draft Miltary Reserve
5/28/19 Tim Semisch #N/A Atlas Player Pool
5/26/19 Curtis Corley #N/A College Draft Archers
5/24/19 Jacob Stover #N/A Player Pool Atlas
5/24/19 Johnny Surdick #N/A College Draft Miltary Reserve
5/24/19 Max Tuttle #N/A College Draft Chrome
5/24/19 Ryan Flanagan #N/A Player Pool Chrome
5/24/19 Ryan Flanagan #N/A Atlas Player Pool
5/23/19 Austin Henningsen #N/A College Draft Chaos
5/23/19 Tyler Dunn #N/A College Draft Redwoods
5/19/19 Jack Rowlett #N/A College Draft Chaos
5/19/19 Noah Richard #N/A College Draft Atlas
5/18/19 Scott Rodgers #N/A Atlas PUP List
5/17/19 Austin Staats #N/A Chaos PUP List
5/17/19 Billy Dee Smith #N/A Chaos Retired
5/17/19 Brad Self #N/A Chaos PUP List
5/17/19 Brendan Fowler #N/A Chrome PUP List
5/17/19 Charlie Raffa #N/A Whipsnakes PUP List
5/17/19 Connor Cannizzaro #N/A Chrome Holdout List
5/17/19 Dylan O'Shaughnessy #N/A Whipsnakes PUP List
5/17/19 Jack Kelly #N/A Redwoods PUP List
5/17/19 Kevin Cooper #N/A Whipsnakes Holdout List
5/17/19 Peter Baum #N/A Redwoods Holdout List
5/15/19 Brent Noseworthy #N/A College Draft Atlas
5/13/19 Clarke Petterson #N/A College Draft Redwoods
5/13/19 Connor Farrell #N/A College Draft Chrome
5/13/19 Isaac Paparo #N/A College Draft Whipsnakes
5/13/19 Tim Troutner #N/A College Draft Redwoods
4/25/19 Brendan Caputo #N/A Player Pool Redwoods
4/25/19 Eric Scott #N/A Player Pool Chaos
4/25/19 Mitch Jones #N/A Player Pool Chrome