February 22-26  |  Washington D.C.

Championship Series


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The top four teams of the regular season battle in six-on-six competition. The game will be faster in every sense of the word. Set to the backdrop of an indoor arena and party atmosphere at The St. James - fans can expect electricity at every level.

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The St. James

The St. James is a luxurious 500K sqft indoor facility located outside of Washington D.C.. These premium facilities boast extensive athletics and training facilities, wellness center, spa, restaurant, and a seated indoor venue that will play host to competition throughout the course of the 2023 Championship Series.

Address: 6805 Industrial Rd, Springfield, VA

Premier Zone

  • Live music
  • PLL and partner merchandise and shopping
  • Activations and activities for all ages
  • Player meet-&-greets and PLL talent


  • Beers included
  • 21+ field-side club and lounge
  • Separately ticketed experience
  • Group discounts available for parties of 10 or more

Fieldside Seats

  • Sit with the stars with the best seats in the house
  • The PLL’s version of courtside seats
  • Private bar and parking access
  • Limited inventory available


  • Premium suites for groups of up to 20
  • Food & beverage packages available
  • Limited suites available

Get Ready for Faceoff

Olympic Sixes

6-on-6 game played with 12-person rosters. All runners carry short-sticks and can move as midfielders, navigating the full length of the 70-by-36-meter field like they would in basketball or hockey.


No Shot Backup

When a shot goes out of bounds in a traditional field lacrosse game, the ball is awarded to the player closest to where and when it goes out of bounds. Offenses are able to retain possession after wide shots by maintaining their spacing along the perimeter.

In Sixes, shots are officiated like passes. A missed shot that sails out of bounds now belongs to the defense, regardless of who is closest where and when it goes out.


:30-Second Shot Clock

The :30-second shot clock is the fastest in lacrosse – down from a full-field PLL game (:52), NCAA men’s (:80), NCAA women’s (:90), and the international game (no shot clock).


Quick Restarts After Goals

Sixes lacrosse emphasizes tempo by encouraging quick restarts. After a goal is scored, the goalie initiates play. Faceoffs only occur at the beginning of each quarter.

In the high-scoring Sixes format, this reduces the stoppages in play required to substitute and set up for faceoffs following each goal.