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Connecting Our Past Players, Caring for the Present Game

Player Alumni Network

The Player Alumni Network will bring together professional lacrosse players spanning decades and prior leagues.


Annual Alumni Weekend

September 8-10, 2023

Please join us at our 2023 Alumni Weekend at the PLL Semifinals on Long Island, NY (James M. Shuart Stadium)

Career Connections

  • Alumni Database and Mentorship Opportunities 
  • Career skills training including resume building, interview coaching, and mapping your career path trajectory 
  • Transitional Support out of Professional Lacrosse 

Exclusive Access

Receive the best discounts in ticketing, merchandise, and more.


Hall of Fame

Join forces with the Pro Lacrosse Hall of Fame in celebrating our past to inspire the next generation of lacrosse players.

Are you a Pro Lacrosse Alumnus? Get involved below.

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