PLL Island: Untold Stories from the Championship Series

A Special Edition Coffee Table Book

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When the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, the PLL was forced to pivot. Instead of a second tour-based, summer-long season, plans were outlined for an isolated, three-week tournament.

But big questions remained:
How could everyone be in one place for an extended period of time? Could you make testing frequent to keep everyone safe? Could a season be compacted into less than a month?

PLL Island is a collection of untold stories on everyone involved: The equipment managers who churned through 30-35 loads of laundry daily; the trainers who designed an eight-week, at-home workout program for players without weight rooms; Tyler Warner, who started his first semester at Harvard Medical School halfway through the tournament; Zed Williams, who left his family at home and found a new family in his Whipsnakes teammates.

Stories by: Joe Keegan and Josh Schafer
Features by:  Ryan Boyle, Katie DeFeo, Mark Glicini, Nat. St. Laurent, Tari Kandemiri, Nick Ossello, Paul Rabil, Jake Watts, and  Zed Williams