Agency Work

Mission: To bring PLL’s engaging and creative production to the world. Let’s work.

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N52 Production House

Premier Lacrosse League’s Media Group has formed N52, a production and consulting company for sports teams, leagues, brands and media organizations looking to maximize original content creation, outsource highly produced video projects, and optimize/reduce production costs.


Social Media

  • Programming philosophy and techniques per platform
  • Bespoke style guide and social voice development

Content Production

  • Collaborate with clients on pre-production
  • Efficient production process, including:
  • Writing, shooting, editing, imagery
  • Short and long-form content packaging
  • Custom content tailored to each platform
ANTHEM LINEUP  Guests take the field and get to stand next to their favorite PLL players during the National Anthem.

N52 Team

Videographers Editors Producers On-Air Talent
Graphic Designers Photographers Social Content Creators