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Weekly fantasy game allowing you to challenge friends and fellow fans.

  1. Head to head challenges instead of leagues
  2. Select your lineup each week - swap out players based on weekly performance and tiers
  3. Join any time during the season - but those that participate each week have a better chance of topping the leaderboards


  1. Total of 5 players, 1 per position (A, M, D, FO, G)
  2. Can change your 5 players each week
  3. Limited players per Tier



Each week, your team has to fill each set of Tiers.

    1. Tier 1: 2 players
    2. Tier 2: 2 players
    3. Tier 3: 1 player

📢  Players are Tiered relative to their position
Example: Attack players are only compared against other Attack players

Your team is complete if:

  1. You picked 5 players (1 per position)
  2. Of those 5 players, you have (2) Tier 1s, (2) Tier 2s, (1) Tier 3

See FAQs for how players are tiered.


🔥 No more needing to recruit your kinda-close-but-not-that-close neighbor to your league!

Challenges are a simplified way to compete against friends and family. You can start participating by sending a friend a challenge. When accepted, you compete head to head each week.

    1. Challenger Record: Your wins and losses vs that specific challenger - saved throughout the year
    2. If you have more fantasy points at the end of the weekend, you get the win
    3. Challenges can end in a tie if fantasy points are the same after all games complete
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Stat Fantasy Points
Goal 5 Points
Assist 5 Points
Two-Point Goal 10 Points
Turnover -2 Points
Groundball 1 Point
Caused Turnover 5 Points
Faceoff Win 0.8 Points
Faceoff Loss -1 Point
Save 2 Points
One-Point Goal Against -1 Point
Two-Point Goal Against -2 Points


Q: How do I start?

A: Download the PLL APP, head to PLL Nation , and start picking your team.

Q: How do I join a league?

A: There are no leagues - instead, you challenge friends head to head. There is no limit on how many people you can challenge. You will have a separate win-loss record for each challenger

Q: How do I challenge friends?

A: Go to the Challengers tab and click the Challenge Friends button. You can send your unique challenger link via text, email, etc. If they accept, they will show up on your Challengers list

Q: How are players tiered?

A: Tiers were created to foster strategic roster management. Consider yourself as an acting GM, consistently discovering unique tactics that get a leg up on your challengers. Every week, position tiers will be adjusted based on player fantasy point averages. Our algorithms assign eligible players a tier based on their relative performance amongst their position group. Tier 1 is designated for top performers and limited spots are available.

Q: How are the tiers filled?

A: When you add a player of any position to your team, that player counts towards the Tier they are set as.


Player 1 is an Attack with Tier 1, you add Player 1 to your team. Your available spots in Tier 1 is now 1 (1 out of 2)

Player 2 is a Goalie with Tier 3, you add Player 2 to your team. Your available sports in Tier 3 is now filled (1 out of 1)

Q: How often are Tiers updated?

Tiers are updated after all weekend games have concluded. This factors in the player’s recent performance into their updated Tier.

Due to Tiers updating each week, you will only be able to select your team for the specific week.

Q: What’s the best strategy?

A: There are multiple winning strategies! It just depends on which one works that week 😏. We’re excited to see the strategies fans come up with. Maybe they’ll make them public.

What counts as an official Challenger?

Challenge your friends - once they’ve accepted the challenge, they count as one towards your total.

Where can I see an accepted Challenge?

  • Be sure to enable your notifications! You will get a push notification alerting
    you that your challenge has been accepted
  • To see a full list of accepted Challengers, go to the PLL Nation tab in the app, click on “challenge friends” and then click “challengers”

Already challenging?

  • Don’t worry – we are tracking from app download date and have you covered towards your total