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Build a Lineup from Thousands of Combinations


Join Groups & Challenge Friends


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  1. Build a team of 7 players (2A, 2M, D, FO, G)
  2. Player values update each week based on performance
  3. Utilize your "Salary Cap" to create the perfect lineup
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📢  NEW! You can pick ANY player at each position - as long as the value of your lineup is under the Salary Cap

The value of each player is determined by their performance. The token to the right of a player's name shows their WF valuation.

For more, read our FAQs on how players are valued.


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📢  NEW! Put your analysis to the test and win weekly prizes. 

Join a group, set your lineup, and see how your team stacks up against other fans and lacrosse analysts. Top Group Leaderboards to win weekly prizes.


Challenges let you go head-to-head with friends. You can challenge anyone by sending them an invitation from the app.

Track all your matchups and build your record with every win. Fans with the best records can win big throughout the season.

Pre-Game 3 (1)


Stat Fantasy Points
Goal 10 Points
Assist 10 Points
Two-Point Goal 20 Points
Turnover -3 Points
Groundball 1 Point
Caused Turnover 10 Points
Faceoff Win 0.8 Points
Faceoff Loss -1 Point
Save 3 Points
One-Point Goal Against -1 Point
Two-Point Goal Against -2 Points
Goal Bonus (3+ Goals) 5 Points
Save Bonus (20+) 5 Points
Assist Bonus (3+) 5 Points
Cause Turnover Bonus (3+) 5 Points


A: Download the PLL APP and head to the Fans tab. Set your lineup to join groups or challenge friends. 

No. No need to draft or call your friends to remind them to set their lineup. Weekly Fantasy Groups let you see how your lineup stacks up against other fans and analysts each week. If you join, you are in that Group competition and eligible for that Group's prizes!

A: Head to the Groups tab and choose from a list of Public groups to join.

A: Go to the Challengers tab and click the Challenge Friends button. You can send your unique challenger link via text, email, etc. If they accept, they will show up on your Challengers list

A: Each week, a player's value (token icon to the right of their name) is adjusted based on their stats from the previous week. Players that perform better will take up more of your Salary Cap when picked.

Values are updated after all weekend games have concluded. This factors in the player’s recent performance into their updated value.

A: There are multiple winning strategies! It just depends on how you choose to spend your Salary Cap each week 😏. Take the two top scorers and a cheaper defense. Or, create a perfectly balanced team. It's up to you, coach.

Challenge your friends - once they’ve accepted the challenge, they count as one towards your total.

  • Be sure to enable your notifications! You will get a push notification alerting
    you that your challenge has been accepted
  • To see a full list of accepted Challengers, go to the PLL Nation tab in the app, click on “challenge friends” and then click “challengers”

Already challenging?

  • Don’t worry – we are tracking from app download date and have you covered towards your total

PLL Leaderboard: Every player is automatically included in the PLL Group. This is the league-wide leaderboard! If you see your team name here, you are the best of the best!

Group Leaderboards: The top scores from each week are displayed for each group. Some groups have weekly prizes

Tiebreaker 1: If multiple fans have the same weekly fantasy points, the fan with the higher season fantasy points is ranked higher.

Tiebreaker 2: If multiple fans have the same weekly fantasy points AND have the same season fantasy points, the fan with the higher total challenger wins is ranked higher.


By participating in Weekly Fantasy, you agree to the Terms of Service.

By participating in the Weekly Fantasy Group Giveaway, you agree to the Contest Terms.