Connect, Compete, and Get BTS Access with the New PLL App

By Evan Mok-Lamme | Feb 21, 2023

The Championship Series is here, along with five updates to the app that will give you a new way to experience the action. The PLL Product team has refreshed your favorite competitions and added two new features. Connect with your fanbase, compete in challenges, and tune in to the Championship Series to win tickets, exclusive merch, and more!

Fanbase Race

Connect with your team's fanbase and show your support in the Fanbase Race. Fans can use their "boost" during the Championship Series to push their team through the finish line.

Fanbase Race

Championship Series Pick'em

Pick'em is back! The PLL's matchup prediction game will be live throughout the Championship Series. Fans that accurately predict the winner of all nine games can win two tickets to any 2023 PLL weekend. Any fan that can pick the winner of the championship game will unlock access to exclusive team tees.


The PLL Predictor puts your league knowledge to the test. These 12 game props let fans predict everything from the number of goals scored to how many sticks will be broken each week.

CS Video

In-App Exclusive: “Behind the Weapon of Choice"

Available only in the app on 2/25, this video will give fans a behind-the-scenes look into how one player created the perfect weapon of choice to complement their playing style for Sixes competition.

PLL Nation Early Access

During the Championship Series, select fans will be granted Early Access to PLL Nation. PLL Nation is a new in-app experience that allows fans to compete, build their fan status, and earn exclusive rewards. Join the waitlist now to get notified when PLL Nation is launched to the public.

PLL Nation
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