2019 College Re-Draft

By Jake Watts | May 9, 2020

The NCAA draft last season was an exciting milestone for the sport and the league. The event signaled the viability of a professional lacrosse career for graduating seniors. 24 rookies were selected. Some established themselves in year one while others still have more to prove. They say hindsight is 2020. Knowing what we do now, let’s have some fun and do a 2019 re-draft. 

#1 Pick Archers LC - Ryder Garnsey
No one blinked when coach Chris Bates selected Pat Spencer No. 1 overall. The dual-sport athlete was too good to pass up, but also a flight risk. The No. 1 pick is reserved for the best player on the board. Given last year’s production, Garnsey put himself in the conversation as the best player in his draft class. He finished with 24 points in the regular season, most among his rookie peers.

#2 Pick Atlas LC - Noah Richard
Richard had the best year no one is talking about, except Waterdogs LC Head Coach Andy Copelan. The Marquette alum needed little time to acclimate to the pro game. He scored his first career goal in his first career game. The long stick midfielder finished with an impressive four goals on just four shots, including a two-pointer. He ended the year Top 5 in goals and Top 10 in groundballs among defenders.

#3 Pick Chrome LC - Jack Rowlett
Jack Rowlett gained a reputation as the league’s bruiser just one year into the pro’s. The defender plays hard nose defense for 48 minutes and loves to dish out the pain. The rook earned a starting role early on in the season. Being a starter is just the floor for Rowlett, he has the talent and grit to be a perennial all-star; if he can stay out of the box. The athletic pole could have given the subpar Chrome defense the edge they needed.

#4 Pick Whipsnakes LC - Ryan Conrad
Ryan Conrad is looking to bounce back from an underwhelming rookie season. The reigning National Champion struggled to find a consistent role. Conrad is built for the PLL and still has a high ceiling. It would have been interesting to see how the champs managed his playing time. 

#5 Pick Redwoods LC - Tim Troutner
Redwoods LC selected Clark Petterson for this pick last year, which was an excellent choice. However, Tim Troutner will be a cornerstone for the club for years to come. The keeper was an absolute brick wall in the cage last summer. The rookie came into Training Camp very confident and finished as the league’s rookie of the year. After one year, Troutner proved he is one of the best in the world.

#6 Pick Chaos LC - Clark Petterson
Chaos had the luxury of back-to-back picks in the 2019 Draft and selected two defenders. One of those defenders was selected in this hypothetical situation. In replacement, they could have selected the off-ball specialist, Petterson. The Cornell University grad has a knack for finding open space around the crease. He could have given a boost to an offense that struggled to generate assisted goals in six-on-six.

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