2021 Expansion Draft Results

By PLL | Mar 11, 2021

Cannons LC head coach Sean Quirk has made his 18 Expansion Draft picks. Here are the results:

  1. Brodie Merrill, D, Waterdogs LC
  2. Connor Buczek, M, Atlas LC
  3. Ryan Drenner, A, Waterdogs LC
  4. Curtis Corley, D, Archers LC
  5. Reece Eddy, LSM, Chrome LC
  6. Brent Adams, M, Redwoods LC
  7. Jake Pulver, D, Chrome LC
  8. Josh Currier, A/M, Archers LC
  9. Drew Simoneau, FO, Waterdogs LC
  10. Deemer Class, M, Chaos LC
  11. Clarke Petterson, A, Redwoods LC
  12. Max Tuttle, M, Whipsnakes LC
  13. Sam Duggan, SSDM, Chrome LC
  14. Brendan Fowler, FO, Archers LC
  15. Tom Kelly, FO, Chaos LC
  16. Tyson Bell, SSDM, Chaos LC
  17. Brendan Gleason, A/M, Redwoods LC
  18. Jacob Stover, G, Whipsnakes LC
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