2024 College Draft Prospect Profile: Graham Bundy Jr.

By Adam Lamberti | Apr 22, 2024

Say hello to the league’s newest two-point threat. The next 2024 PLL draft prospect up is Georgetown midfielder Graham Bundy Jr., a flamethrowing right-handed midfielder.

Bundy might be the hardest shooting midfielder in the draft class, which is saying something considering it includes Eric Dobson (Notre Dame), Shane Knobloch (Rutgers), Jacob Morin (Army), and Garrett Degnon (Johns Hopkins).

The St. Louis, Mo. native is reminiscent of Sergio Perkovic when he has his feet set and hands free. While not as big as Perkovic, Bundy still just about matches Perkovic’s shot velocity with brute strength along with terrific balance and shooting mechanics.

He’s not just a catch and shoot guy, although it’s what makes him really special. He’s a really tough cover due to his strength and willingness to shoot through contact. He’s a stubborn dodger which should translate fine to the next level, as he scored this goal on California Redwoods 2023 first-round pick Owen Grant in 2022.

While I do think Bundy has the ability to become a two-way midfielder given the PLL’s faster play style and his physical traits, I’d rather see him remain an offensive midfielder. I wouldn’t put it past a GM to view Bundy Jr. as a two-way midfielder given league trends. Feared college shooters Perkovic and Utah Archers’ Tre Leclaire have been transformed into two-way roles, but I think his potential is a high-level offense midfielder that can stop transition and play defense if needed.

I would love to see him drafted to a team that is in need of some offensive firepower that could feature Bundy Jr. early in his career. You have to live with some of Bundy’s shots, as he’s a ‘volume shooter’ the same way Philadelphia Waterdogs midfielder Jack Hannah is.

The Denver Outlaws, Carolina Chaos, or Utah Archers would seem like the best fits.

Player Comparison: Early-Career Sergio Perkovic or Tre Leclaire

Lamberti’s Projected Draft Pick: #11 Overall to the Denver Outlaws