4-time All-Pro Joe Walters announces retirement from professional lacrosse

By PLL | Mar 4, 2022

Redwoods LC midfielder Joe Walters has announced his retirement after a 16-year career. The 11-time All-Star and 4-time All-Pro retires third all-time in points (565), fourth in goals (289), and second in assists (267).

Walters won two MLL championships with the Rochester Rattlers (2008) and Toronto Nationals (2009).

Dear Lacrosse,

Since I first picked up a stick 29 years ago, I fell in love with you. I never wanted this day to come, but my time as a player has come to an end.

I will forever be grateful for the coaches, teammates, and friendships you have brought me. Many of the best times of my life are because of you. The countless hours we spent together, the sweat, the work; you showed me what dedication was. From the wins and championships to the losses and heartbreak, you taught me what it meant to be an athlete, and you helped me grow into the man I am today.

I have spent nearly half of my life playing you professionally - I hope I have made you proud. For all that you have given me, for all that you have meant to me; my passion shifts to the next generation and teaching them all that you have taught me. Our time together has a new meaning, a new purpose; we’re just getting started.

Forever yours,

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