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5 Stats That Prove Why Chrome LC Has the Best Six-on-Six Offense in the PLL

By Jake Watts | Apr 7, 2020

It’s no secret that Chrome LC had a rough 2019 and didn’t win enough games. The club struggled mightily in certain phases all season yet their offense had no trouble putting the ball in the back of the net. If they can patch up their deficiencies, Chrome LC has the potential to be a serious contender in 2020. The reigning last place team is loaded with talent and has the most dangerous six-on-six offense in the league.

Top Rated Offense in the PLL
With new information comes new stats. Team Rating is commonly known in the basketball world yet it is relatively new to the lacrosse community. Rating is a standardized metric used to compare teams across different styles and pace. These ratings can also be calculated for overall offense, settled offense, and fast break offense; vice versa for defense. 

Offensive Rating = Points Per 40 Possessions (the average number of possessions per team per game)

Last season Chrome LC had a 12.98 settled offensive rating, the highest in the PLL. For comparison, Redwoods LC had the league’s lowest settled rating at 10.34. In layman’s terms, given the same number of settled offensive possessions in a single game, Chrome LC would score 13 goals and Redwoods LC would score 10. 

Additionally, the two-win Chrome LC had the same amount of settled opportunities as Whipsnakes LC, the PLL Champions, but had 14 more points. They were significantly more efficient in six-on-six offense.  

Most Unassisted Goals (52)
Chrome LC suited up four of the top ten unassisted goal scorers during the 2019 season. The offense was well balanced with 32 unassisted goals from midfielders and 31 from their attack unit. Multiple dodging threats make it difficult to game plan against as defenses cannot lock in on certain ball carriers. More importantly, goals off-the-dodge create assisted opportunities for teammates later in the game.

Best Settled Assisted Shooting Percentage (34.2%)
Shooters in the Black and Pink took advantage of their defenders' diverted attention - specifically Jordan MacIntosh. The Canadian was the best off-ball midfielder in the league with 16 assisted goals on just 34 shots (47.1%). His off-ball game is the perfect complement to the dodgers that surround him.

Most Points Created Initiating from X
Creating offense from behind the cage is common in the PLL since almost a quarter of all goals are initiated from below the goal-line. No team initiates or scores from X more than Chrome LC (52 points).

Numerous coaches in the league would state that the most dangerous player dodging from X is Jordan Wolf. Last year, PLL defenders were stranded on Wolf Island and regularly looked like fools. In addition to the elite attackmen they possess, Chrome LC is blessed to have a truly dominant midfielder in Ned Crotty. As a former college attackman, Crotty consistently feasts on short-stick matchups that follow him into the X abyss. Crotty created eight points from X last year, most among PLL midfielders. His versatility is key to the success of Chrome LC.

Returning Starters
This offseason, new Head Coach Tim Soudan evaluated his acquired roster and prioritized keeping his offense intact. The “Chromeback” is in good hands with all offensive starters returning for the 2020 campaign. The renewed chemistry and rekindled locker room culture is a major advantage that Chrome LC might have over their opponents this summer. Do not be shocked if Chrome LC flips their position in the standings.

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