Film Study: Archers’ high pick-n-rolls

The Archers’ open Twins set has been their bread-and-butter since 2019. But in 2021, they introduced a high pick-n-roll action with Tom Schreiber playing point guard that opened up some quality shots.

Holman’s hot shooting leads Archers past ‘Woods, 10-9

Holman’s hot shooting leads Archers past ‘Woods, 10-9 By Sarah Griffin | Jul 2, 2022 Tweet It was a game of back-and-forth all night long for the Archers and Redwoods, but ultimately it came down to Marcus Holman’s five-score (3G, 1T) night, specifically his buzzer beater two-pointer at the end of the first half to […]

Film Study: Matt Moore’s physical dodging

When Matt Moore fell to the Archers in the 1st round of this year’s college draft, it seemed to be a no-brainer. His versatile skill set would allow him to be played in a multitude of ways alongside Tom Schreiber, Grant Ament, and the rest of the offense. Not to mention, his championship pedigree could help the Archers get over the hump and raise the crown in 2022 after disappointing playoff exits the past few seasons.

To finally pass the test, Archers created a new lesson plan

Matt Moore still has homework. Less than a month removed from college, the recent master’s school graduate hasn’t moved on from the late nights studying and reporting back to his professor. Only outside of the Princeton pedigree, Mr. Schreiber isn’t your typical college instructor. The nine-year pro lacrosse veteran allows his students to file assignments via email and there are no hard deadlines.

Will Manny moves into 9th all-time in career points

Will Manny moves into 9th all-time in career points By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Jun 13, 2022 With five goals against Chaos LC on Friday night, Archers LC attackman Will Manny moved into 9th all-time in career points. “It’s so nice to be able to play this game. This is my tenth year and I […]