I continue to be asked questions like these following the inaugural season of the Premier Lacrosse League: “Are you crazy?” “Why do you jump in front of 100 mph shots?” “Do you realize how badly you could get hurt?”
It’s Ok To Miss Lacrosse By Mike Simon | Apr 21, 2020 It’s been over a month since college lacrosse was canceled. At first, like many others, I questioned why teams and leagues were opting to temporarily suspend or cancel their season. There were only a few hundred Coronavirus cases reported nationwide when the first […]
Player/Coach Or Coach/Player? How One Hand Feeds The Other By Marcus Holman | Apr 16, 2020 I am grateful every day for the career “balance” that I have in my life.  One part of me is a professional athlete, working on my individual craft to help Archers LC be the most successful team in the […]
Three Things I Am Excited NOT To Get Back To By Scott Ratliff | Apr 14, 2020 The world has seemingly come to a halt. The simple things in life that we used to take for granted, like sharing a hug with a friend, or attending a concert, are being appreciated now more than ever. […]
From My Point of View: What I See Against the World’s Best Shooters By Kyle Bernlohr | Mar 26, 2020 I’ve spent the last few days of quarantine evaluating (aka over-evaluating) all the different shooters in the PLL and came to my own conclusion, who, from my perspective are the five best shooters in the […]