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Redwoods LC vs. Whipsnakes LC Championship Recap

On a clear afternoon along the banks of the Delaware River with the temperature in the mid 80s, the Whipsnakes outlasted the Redwoods 12-11 in overtime to claim the inaugural PLL Championship. The ninth overtime game of PLL season was arguably its most exciting.
Archers win the first overall pick!

Atlas LC vs. Archers LC First Overall Draft Pick Game Recap

The Archers are on the clock! The first overall pick game between Archers and Atlas was a one-sided battle from start to finish. Archers finished with the highest-scoring game of the season. The final score was a lopsided 25-7.
GAME RECAP: Archers defeat Chrome in Post Season Round 2

Archers vs. Chrome Postseason Round 2 Recap

After Redwoods punched their ticket in a convincing win over Chaos, Chrome and Archers took the field to determine who would be the final team to make it to Championship weekend and compete for the first overall draft pick.

Chaos vs. Redwoods Postseason Round 2 Recap

“I knew deep down all we had to do was make the playoffs,” Redwoods midfielder Joe Walters said on Wednesday. “All we had to do was get healthy, make the playoffs, and then we’ll go on a run. I think that’s what you’re seeing right now.”

Archers vs. Redwoods Postseason Round 1 Columbus Recap

No more playoff scenarios to contemplate, no more score differential left to calculate. Entering the first playoff game in Premier Lacrosse League history the No. 3 seed Archers (5-5) and No. 4 Redwoods (5-5) shared a singular goal.
GAME RECAP: Atlas beats Chrome in Columbus

Atlas vs. Chrome Postseason Round 1 Columbus Recap

Eliminated from contention for the inaugural PLL championship, Chrome and Atlas turned their attention to the 2020 collegiate draft’s first overall pick. As the two teams took the field, a second-round bye and a direct trip to Philadelphia to play for the No. 1 pick was on the line.

Whipsnakes vs. Chaos Postseason Round 1 Columbus Recap

Unlike typical playoff formats, fans didn’t have to wait until the Championship game to see the Top 2 teams in the league battle with playoff intensity. Whipsnakes and Chaos rounded out the first round to decide who would go straight to Philadelphia for the Championship and who would meet Redwoods in New York for the semifinals.
GAME RECAP: Archers defeat the Whipsnakes in Albany

Whipsnakes vs. Archers Week 10 Albany Recap

In the 30th and final game of the Premier Lacrosse League’s inaugural regular season, Archers looked to clinch a playoff berth with a win over Whipsnakes. Following an Atlas victory the night before and a dominating Redwoods performance earlier in the day, Archers would need a victory to be in the race for The Crown. Across from them, Whipsnakes had clinched a Top 2 playoff spot and were looking to continue to build momentum from their Week 9 17-4 victory over Redwoods and head into playoffs firing on all cylinders.

Atlas vs. Chaos Week 10 Albany Recap

A desperate team is a dangerous one. With their backs against the wall and facing the worst odds of making the playoffs, Atlas has now delivered dominating performances in consecutive weeks and are now the favorites to clinch one of the two final playoff spots.