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Chaos 22-man Roster Breakdown

By Joe Keegan

PLL Analyst

Jul 2, 2020

Head coach Andy Towers' team brings back the Bomb Squad, the Defensive Player of the Year, and the Goalie of the Year. Plus even more Canadians.

Returning Players: 17

Kevin Buchanan, Josh Byrne, Deemer Class, Connor Fields, Jake Froccaro, Mark Glicini, Tommy Kelly, Jarrod Neumann, Matt Rees, Troy Reh, Patrick Resch, Blaze Riorden, Jack Rowlett, Eric Scott, Dhane Smith, Johnny Surdick, Miles Thompson

Additions: 5

Tyson Bell, Curtis Dickson, Sergio Salcido, Austin Staats, Dillon Ward

Positional Battle: Right-handed attack

Curtis Dickson and Miles Thompson play the same exact position in two extremely different ways. Dickson is a dodge-to-shoot, dodge-to-dive hybrid. Thompson catches and finishes without a cradle. It’s tough to see them coexisting (unless Dickson runs out of the box? But Jake Froccaro, Sergio Salcido, Dhane Smith, and Eric Scott have that covered). There’s only space for one of them at a time, because on the other side…

Best Unit: Left-handed offensive spots

Austin Staats joins Connor Fields, Josh Byrne, Kevin Buchanan, and Deemer Class. Phew. Fields operates from X often, but the pick-and-roll combinations on that wing are sickening. If Staats has a short-stick on him, then he and Byrne will torment opponents with hang up two-man games.

Class and Buchanan can finish from range. Both are savvy pickers-slash-slippers, too – Class from his time in Duke’s pairs offense, Buchanan from his time indoors.

Chaos struggled to score in six-on-six sets last September. With a healthy Byrne and Staats in the mix, that shouldn’t be an issue anymore.

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