Joe Keegan

Players Top 50: #1 Blaze Riorden

Blaze has reinvented the goalie position with his butterfly technique. He’s able to smother low shots with his legs like a hockey goalie – minus the pads.

Players Top 50: #2 Tom Schreiber

Schreiber is the best passer on the planet. He regularly throws skips to teammates standing off your TV screen. For every highlight reel Schreiberian skip pass, there’s a single that keeps the Archers offense humming, too. Schreiber dished seven second assists this summer (most in PLL).

Players Top 50: #3 Lyle Thompson

Lyle’s ability to create quality shots for himself and for teammates lifted the offense into that elite tier. Lyle shot 33.9% unassisted at a high volume (league average unassisted shooting percentage was 24.9% in 2021). He kicked off the season with a Deyhaus Dunk at Gillette – his version of Kareem’s sky hook or RP3’s question mark.

Players Top 50: #4 Grant Ament

Players Top 50: #4 Grant Ament By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Dec 16, 2021 2020 first overall pick Grant Ament led the PLL in assists (22) and points (35) on his way to winning the 2021 Eamon McEneaney Attackman of the Year Award. Ament regularly won his one-on-one matchups — especially after drawing switches. He […]

Players Top 50: #5 Zach Currier

When Andy Copelan was named head coach of Waterdogs LC, he approached the Expansion Draft looking for two-way midfielders. And with the first overall pick in the 2020 Entry Draft, he selected the best two-way midfielder on the planet: Zach Currier.

Players Top 50: #6 Jeff Teat

Teat does so many things at an insanely efficient level already. He shot 39.1% off the dodge, regular slipping by the best defenders in the world for dunks. And he buried 44.4% of his stepdown shots. Teammates shot 36.7% off passes from Teat; his 49 assist opportunities were fourth-most in the league.

Players Top 50: #7 Zed Williams

Zed Williams followed up his 2020 Jim Brown MVP Award campaign with another dominant season. His inside roll continues to be the most unstoppable dodge in lacrosse. Zed attacks picks like a running back hitting the hole. Switch, and he’ll roll between the two defenders. Duck underneath, and he’ll use his momentum to run through you to the island.

Players Top 50: #8 Matt Rambo

After missing time due to injury, Matt Rambo once again showed up when the Whipsnakes needed him most. His game-winning goal in overtime of the quarterfinals against the Redwoods induced deja vu.