Whipsnakes vs Chaos

Chaos Roster Recap

By Joe Keegan | Jun 8, 2020

Last summer’s regular season champs were swept out of the postseason, then they traded Myles Jones for Sergio Salcido. Here’s where the Chaos roster stands entering 2020.


Sergio Salcido (trade), Dillon Ward (entry draft), Jason Noble (entry draft)


Myles Jones (traded to Redwoods LC), Brodie Merrill (expansion draft), Kyle McClancy (expansion draft), Charlie Cipriano (expansion draft)

Who will be Blaze’s go-to outlet?

Blaze Riorden was the best outlet-passing goalie in PLL last summer – and now his favorite target, Kyle McClancy, is gone.

Blaze’s trust in McClancy has been built over years; the two were teammates at Albany. Check the time from the shot to save and from the save to McClancy’s catch. Riorden hits him in stride less than a second after making the stop.

Clean saves are the best way to jumpstart fast breaks. League-wide shooting percentage on fast breaks following clean saves (34.2%) was higher than following turnovers (31.6%) or messy saves (27.2%) or wide shots (21.4%).

Blaze made more clean saves than any goalie in the league; he was also able to outlet messy saves as if they were clean. The Chaos fast break offense shot nearly as well (43.8%) after his messy saves as it did after his clean saves (44.4%). Blaze corralled rebounds and outletted from his knees often. This isn’t a huge question mark – Blaze will hit anyone anywhere as long as they’re open, even if they’re across midfield.

More box lacrosse influence

Head coach Andy Towers expects Curtis Dickson and Austin Staats to be with the team in July. Both are box-first players; expect the six-on-six offensive schemes to be built on box principles.

Get ready for Connor Fields and Austin Staats hang up two-man games. Or Staats and Josh Byrne. On the righty side, Dickson will pair with Dhane Smith and Miles Thompson.

I’m curious to see how newly acquired Sergio Salcido fits into that style. Salcido is a long dodger who usually uses a rollback or five to get free for his shot. Other Americans – like Deemer Class and Jake Froccaro – have more experience in offenses with two-man games and sticks-to-the-middle principles. If those with box backgrounds can mesh with the field-first players, then the result will be beautiful offense.

Who will help the helper?

Brodie Merrill cleaned up a lot of messes on defense last summer. This is an aggressive unit – sometimes aggressive to a fault. Everyone wants to be the hammer. Someone will need to step up and split two off-ball while Jarrod Neumann, Jack Rowlett, and Johnny Surdick beat up ball carriers.

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