Marcus Holman and Scott Ratliff prepare for their game in Atlanta

Five Player-Written Articles You Need to Read

By PLL | Apr 28, 2020

Here are five must-read player-written articles you may have missed over the last month.

From My Point of View: What I See Against the World's Best Shooters by Kyle Bernlohr 

Whipsnakes goalie and PLL champion Kyle Bernlohr gives us the five most difficult shooters he has faced in the PLL and what it is about their game that makes them so difficult to defend, including Ryan Brown and Matt Rambo.

Am I Really Crazy? by Mark Glicini 

Whether it was blocking shots with his body or instigating a brawl in Chicago, Chaos midfielder Mark Glicini became known for leaving it all out on the field for his teammates, even earning him the Jimmy Regan Teammate of the Year Award. In this piece, Glicini explains the true meaning of being a teammate and what drives him to continuously be the best player he can be.

It's OK To Miss Lacrosse by Mike Simon

Archers defenseman Mike Simon pens why it's OK to miss lacrosse during these difficult times and the importance of maintaining conviction that this soon will pass.

Player/Coach Or Coach/Player? How One Hand Feeds The Other by Marcus Holman

There are several lessons Archers attackman Marcus Holman has learned from being a player that have made him a better coach and vise versa. In this article he takes a deeper look at those lessons and what he's learned from both.

Three Things I Am Excited NOT To Get Back To by Scott Ratliff 

There are several habits in Archers LSM Scott Ratliff's life that the current circumstances we're in have forced him to change. During this, he has found gratitude in the new habits he's created. In this piece, he describes three of those habits he's excited not to get back to.

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