Austin Kaut Lacrosse

How Austin Kaut’s energy and enthusiasm make Chaos better

By Daniel May

Aug 23, 2023

Austin Kaut has seen it all as he began with being a backup to starter and now backing up the best goalie in the world — Blaze Riorden. The 10-year pro lacrosse vet’s approach as a leader and teammate is what makes him crucial. 

His journey has added a level of maturity that impacts how he leads by example and embraces his role.

“I've been on both sides of it and you know the maturity aspect is where it comes in… my job is to make sure that Blaze is the best that he can be on every given day and to be in the cage for shooting drills to help our offense be the best they can be. So, you know, it's not just about being the guy at all times, it's about accepting and embracing your role to make the team better,” said Kaut. 

Kaut is not your typical backup goalie. He currently sits 8th All-Time in Saves in pro lacrosse history (996) and top-10 in minutes played. He continues to show his capability of being a starter in the league; Kaut made 15 saves and stopped 53.6% of shots in the loss to Redwoods in July.

For a player of his caliber — a capable starter in this league — to remain with the Chaos in a backup role instead of testing the market shows how much he prioritizes the team over himself.

His humility, maturity, and energy that he injects into the locker room are a few of the many reasons why he’s regarded as one of the best teammates in the league. 

“Austin brings contagious energy and puts everyone in the locker room first. From smelling salts, to DJ and everything in between he truly cares about this group… Weekends can be long and a grind, so having a veteran player set the tone each weekend sets an example for the younger guys and motivates guys to follow his lead,” said Riorden.

Although Kaut’s resume speaks for itself, he strongly believes in the culture of his team — winning at all costs, regardless of individual success.

Whether it’s taking shots to make sure his teammates are confident, helping Blaze play his best every single week, or being the team’s DJ — Kaut does it all. 

What stands out most about Kaut is his energy, which is how he tries to leave an impact on the group. 

I think it just kind of comes easy for me just because I'm such an energetic person to begin with,” said Kaut. “Bringing energy and passion to everything that we do, whether it's practice or game day. Helping with the box and calling out calls for the offensive end of the ball or defensive side of the ball and supporting guys, bringing water in at halftime; it doesn't matter what it is. I try to do everything as best I can, 100% every day being a part of that team, so that once again I'm embracing that role that's given to me,” he also added.

What has made the Chaos a special group for years is the humility and buy-in toward roles from players. The camaraderie that has resulted because of the selfless nature of the group has powered them late-season success in past years and what they hope to replicate this season. Kaut’s a stout example that continues to fuel their camaraderie.

“This team is special. Whether it comes all the way down from offense through the faceoff to goalie to coaches; it’s such a special group. Our camaraderie is, I truly believe, a big reason why we've had so much success late in the season because we build that team camaraderie, communication, and having fun with each other so that we're playing our best ball when it comes time to matter most,” said Kaut.

One way that he’s used his energetic personality to insight positivity in the locker room and add to that camaraderie is his role as the team’s aux chord specialist.

DJ Kauter — as he’s known within the locker room — takes great pride in the role. He makes sure to regulate the mood of the room before games, and practices, or to simply lift their spirits on the bus.  If there are games within driving distance, he’ll make sure to bring a bigger version of the team speaker on the road. 

“Yeah, it kind of comes down to the feeling on the given day, so it really depends on what the mood was in practice the night before and what the mood is in the locker room on that given day,” said Kaut.

It all depends on the day, but Kaut has a playlist, which he refers to as ‘Old Faithful,’ that he draws from to pump up the team.

“Yeah I’ve got a specific playlist that’s an old staple I go back to that is mostly like a techno EDM type of playlist. I always go back to ‘Old Faithful’ when we need some good juice and some good energy going in the locker room, but outside of that it's a little bit of a mix of all kinds of different stuff,” said Kaut.

His responsibilities are vast and his passion is deep. Kaut is the epitome of a teammate in this league. He’s a lifeline of energy, a temperature regulator, and a leader anyone can follow blindly. 

We all wish to have someone like him who continues to elevate his teammates daily to push the team towards their ultimate goal of a championship.

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