Photo courtesy of Nick Ieradi

How CJ Costabile’s Knack For Scoring Makes Chaos Dangerous in Transition

By Daniel May | Aug 26, 2023

CJ Costabile has been an aficionado in transition since the inception of his career.

Now in the twilight of his career with Chaos, he’s still having the same impact. 

Costabile is a veteran presence who uses his IQ to sniff out opportunities and capitalize in transition. With five points on the year (1 goal and 2 2-pt goals), he’s been able to find the back of the net, yet again, in his 12th pro season. He might not possess the blazing speed he once did between the lines, but he still has a strong motor to get up and down the field.

In Chaos’ Week 3 win over Atlas vintage CJ was out and about. After receiving the outlet pass from Jack Rowlett, Costabile dodged down the alley on an Atlas LSM 1-on-1 to the cage and scored, falling from his knees. Not a traditional goal you see from a defender.

Costabile possesses a saviness with the ball in his stick and dodges with the confidence of an offensive midfielder. O-mid, D-mid, LSM– it doesn't matter – Costabile will take them all on. 

Yes, sometimes he is prone to forcing chances, but he makes sure to put pressure on opposing defenses at all times. Whenever #9  crosses the center-line, it’s red alert for the opposition. 

Costabile lets the younger legs on the roster push the ball up the field in the clear and hunts for opportunities like a lion in the safari. Patient and timely.  

Those chances present themself when opposing offensive midfielders change, which result in an open lane to the net. If the O-middies stay on to play defense, trying to cut off odd-man opportunities, Costabile takes advantage of their low defensive IQ. He’ll run around bad approaches and shoot anything with his hands free around the two-point arc.

During Chaos’ last win, which occurred in Week 7 against the Redwoods, Costabile scored the game winning goal in that manner.

Sitting back and giving Costabile chances to shoot over top of you is not a recipe for success.

Over the course of his career, Costabile's amassed 34 1-point goals, 11 2-points goals, and 76 total points. 

His prowess has afforded him a lengthy pro career and the vast respect of his teammates in the locker room. Being one of the greatest offensive poles in history provides a strong example for his teammates to follow. 

“Guys like CJ are who your eyes are on. Longevity in this league, his ability to show up week in and week out without saying a word – it's just the kind of a guy that you admire that motivates you… He plays through pain every weekend, he shows up, and he gets the job done," said Blaze Riorden.

"And you know we're not talking about one successful season or a couple of successful games, we're talking about a guy that's been around for over 10 years doing it the right way - that's truly admirable."

The edge Costabile plays with brings a spark to the Chaos that pushes them to find chances in transition.

That’s all the more important in the PLL which is filled with the best defenders in the world. Goals are harder to come by, the field is shorter, and the shot clock favors early offense. To have players like Costabile adds layers to your offense and  makes all the difference.