‘I need a gold medal:’ Travis Kelce jokes he ‘could play’ for Team USA lacrosse in 2028 Olympics

By Lauren Merola | Oct 31, 2023

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is looking to represent Team USA in the 2028 Olympics, and it might not be with the flag football team.

On Travis and Jason Kelce’s podcast, “New Heights,” Travis said he could suit up for Team USA lacrosse when it rejoins the Olympic games in 2028 after 120 years of being removed from Olympic play.

Lacrosse is one of five new sports – along with flag football, baseball/softball, cricket and squash – approved by the International Olympic Committee to join the 2028 Olympics. Lacrosse last competed in the Olympic games as a demonstration sport in 1928, 1932 and 1948, but the 2028 Olympics will be the first time since 1908 that lacrosse is played for a medal.

“I need a gold medal,” Travis said.

If Travis, now 34 years old, doesn’t nab a roster spot on the Olympic flag football team – which will field five players on offense and five on defense – in five years, he may shoot his shot at a gold medal on twine, even if it means creating his own position.

“I could play center middy. Or center D, I mean,” Travis said with a smile. “I could play center D at 40.”

“There’s no chance,” Jason said laughing.

“What? You don’t think I could play center middy right now?” Travis said.

You never know, “Crazier” things have happened to Travis. So let’s entertain his “Wildest Dreams,” joining Team USA lacrosse as the starting center defenseman, so he doesn’t have a “Cruel Summer” in 2028. (“Look What You Made Me Do,” Taylor.)

Despite the fact that the position “center D” (or “center middy”) is an invention of his podcast, Travis’ best odds at seizing a Team USA lacrosse roster spot would come on the offensive side of the ball. The IOC approved the Sixes format of lacrosse for Olympic play, and it is a heavily offensive game compared to what is played during the Premier Lacrosse League’s regular season.

In the 2023 Championship Series, played in the Sixes format, Chrome defeated Atlas 24-23 to take home the Championship Series Cup. In the 2023 Cash App Championship, the Archers and Waterdogs each scored nearly 10 points less, with the Archers winning 15-14.

Good thing Travis has a knack for scoring.

But where does that leave Jason? “Two Is Better Than One,” after all. (Last one, I promise.)

Jason, an offensive lineman for the Philadelphia Eagles, played lacrosse from seventh grade through high school and Travis played in seventh and eighth grade, Travis said. But Jason already accepted defeat, not even being able to joke about hanging with professional lacrosse players.

“I think we should go play lacrosse with some legit lacrosse players and see how bad we are,” Jason said.

Imagine Travis playing against Michael Sowers, Tom Schreiber or Trevor Baptiste (or whoever else he might match up against on “center defense”)? 

Could be “Treacherous.” (OK, I lied. That’s the last one. Swear on it.)

Either way, it sounds like the Chiefs’ leading receiver is up to try.

[Lacrosse is] one of the funnest sports I have ever played in my life,” Travis said. “For those of you that have a lacrosse team or are thinking about playing lacrosse, highly suggest it.”