Sensory Friendly Cities

Sensory Friendly Cities Inc. is an organization that seeks to create inclusive environments for all people who experience sensory differences. They recently expanded their list of attractions, restaurants, workplaces, etc. with sensory accommodations on their website to include New Jersey! This free, comprehensive resource is one way that they support our community, by allowing people to find sensory-friendly and autism-friendly attractions in their communities.

Sensory Friendly Cities is excited to present "Moving Forward: Neurodiversity Hiring in the Age of COVID-19," a presentation about the benefits of hiring autistic and other neurodivergent adults and what accommodations may make neurodivergent employees more successful in the workplace. This presentation will be led by Rachel Hawkins, a self-advocate on the autism spectrum who is passionate about increasing awareness about neurodiversity employment. They will additionally provide information about sensory accommodations in the workplace that can improve productivity and well-being for neurodivergent adults. Register here.

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