Kyle Bernlohr On the Whipsnakes’ OT-Thriller and Why the Archers Are A Scary Team On Paper

By PLL | May 21, 2020

Whipsnakes goalie Kyle Bernlohr will forever hold a piece of history within the PLL as the first-ever champion. After losing three National Championships while playing at the University of Maryland, the 12-11 OT win with close to a dozen of his fellow Terps alum alongside him is a moment he's worked towards for years.

In the latest episode of The Inside Feed, Bernlohr spoke on his perspective of MVP Matt Rambo's OT-winner saying, "the fact that we were down one, I was stunned. I think I might have retired if we had lost that game. That would have been ridiculous."

"It all happened so quick and Rambo getting top side, the ball hitting the net, just him running back towards me was [a] really special moment. Probably one of the cooler moments I've ever had playing lacrosse, so it was just awesome. We were the best team and I'll take that to my grave and I really think we had the best team on and off the field."

The Goalie of the Year nominee didn't just earn that nomination by sheer luck. He proved he was worthy after spending 10 weeks going up against the best shooters in the world, a few of which he describes here.

When asked about the addition of offensive threats like Grant Ament to Archers and Bryan Costabile to Atlas, Bernlohr said,

"The Archers, on paper, is a pretty scary team. Tom Schreiber's the best feeder in the world without a doubt... I've played against Grant, I've seen all that he's done over the years, now you have a feeder behind X, so just the dynamic of north-south feeding for them is going to be pretty crazy so we're really going to have to do a good job with one-on-one matchups vs. the Archers and we gotta makes some saves."

To hear more from Bernlohr, check out the latest episode of The Inside Feed here.

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