Meet Nate Solomon: The Human Highlight Reel

By Hayden Lewis | Feb 12, 2024

In sports, what separates the most entertaining players from everyone else is simply an athlete’s ability to control their body at high speeds in tight windows. The ability creates jaw-dropping moments or highlights that all sports fans love and see. 

Mix that athlete with some “Syracuse Swagger,” and the outcome is Utah Archers attackman Nate Solomon—the epitome of a human highlight reel. 

Here’s my pitch: Watch these clips, and tell me how Solomon won’t be a Human Highlight Reel during the Championship Series. 

No. 5 The “City in Motion” Seeing Some Real Twistin’ and Turnin’ (2023)

That’s Denver Outlaws SSDM Ryan Terefenko, a 2022 All-Pro; guarding Solomon. 

Look how casual this twister is for Solomon. His wrists eased through that shot like a hot knife in butter. Carefree and happy, Solomon does things like this game after game. 

No. 4  Coma Slide Kryptonite

No typical athlete casually creates clips like this each time they touch their playing surface. 

Solomon is simply different, and he makes it look so casual. He doesn’t go with the flow. He is the flow. 

No. 3 Boisterous Bouncer vs. Binghamton (2018)

Solomon uses his undersized frame to shield off the defender. He proceeds to scoop a groundball and then throws an around-the-world bouncer while falling away from the cage. 

This goal is beyond loony, and it’s ludicrous to think that there are some crazier highlights from Solomon still.

No. 2 Mass Chaos in Crabtown

Those two defenders pulled up to that matchup with bad intentions. Solomon had a different idea. He rolled, swam, drew a flag and fired a skip in under 12 seconds. 

After the action unfolds and the goal goes in, watch the duo on defense turn back to see where they got dusted from. 

The best part of this clip is the fact that there was a better play from Solomon in this game.

Not only does Solomon show off the roll and swim again in this clip, but he also clears himself for takeoff from “Air Solomon Runway.” 

No. 1 Sky Whammy Special

Go ahead, click the replay button, and watch with a more keen eye, digest what this video is about. 

Short sticks, be aware. This clip displays what can happen when you try to guard Solomon.

Solomon has the opportunity to create some more spectacular plays during the Championship Series, and you aren’t going to want to miss them.