By Brenden Coleman | Jun 30, 2022
PLL Head of Product


(Too Long, Didn't Read)
  • We're releasing the Premier Pass July 6th
  • It's a FREE NFT
  • It's your "key" to be able to impact all-star rule changes
  •  The benefits don't stop at that though

Rule changes can alter the trajectory of a league

In a professional sports league's life, you can usually point to a few major changes that skyrocketed the league to where it is today. Almost all of the changes involved making the game faster and more exciting. In 1994 the NFL implemented a series of offensive-friendly rules to combat a 22 percent decline in touchdowns. The rules looked to create a more pass-first league. Since then scoring, total offense, and passing yards have continued to rise dramatically - leading to a much more exciting experience for fans and monumental growth of the lead.

Coincidentally, in 1994 - 1997, the NBA moved their 3-point line closer because their scoring was also declining. It lead to an increase of teams taking 9.9 shots per game to 15.4 - making the game more exciting for the fans. This showed the value of the 3-pointer, which now teams are averaging about 35 shots per game.  It's hard to believe there was a time when you were starved of seeing moments like this:

Power to the fans

On July 6th, we're giving you, the fan, the opportunity to be part of history.  We want to include our most passionate fans in continuing to build the league. All-Star Games are testing grounds for rule changes that can make the game more exciting and increase the competitiveness of pro lacrosse. We've decided to include our fans in the decision process. Why? Because it just makes way too much sense.

We're REALLY excited about what web3 and NFTs can bring to the fan experience.  No doubt, it's going to take time for the world to discover all the ways they can be used to reward the fans that put their heart and soul into the league. The most important opportunity it creates is connecting and enabling our most passionate fans:

As a member, you share in the successes, and everyone is incentivized to grow the community, together.

Elephant in the room

First, let's address the giant elephant in the room. I'll be the first to tell you that the term NFT drives me up the wall. Nonfungible token? Really? That's a really complex way to explain a cartoon picture of an ape, isn't it? I'll completely agree with you that a good majority of the NFTs out there really don't have much value - hiding behind the promise of community and future benefits. Fans are smart, they have seen through some sports leagues (won't name names) releasing NFTs strictly for the cash grab.

There is a change brewing though. The recent fallout of valueless NFTs has exposed the underlying issue -  that most NFTs underdeliver on the value they promise. That's why we are giving away the Premier Pass for free. Is it valuable? Absolutely. The pass is packed with current and future benefits. BUT, we want to earn it first. We want to demonstrate to you, the fan, that the Premier Pass can provide continuous value, and in order to accomplish that, we need to create an opportunity for anyone that wants to be part of the community to join.

A community built on financial status is not a strong community. An inclusive and diverse community with a common goal of building together is a powerful force.

We want to reward the fans that are committed to building with the PLL, side by side, on our way to the top.


Who is this for?

If you want at least one of these,  you're destined to become a Premier Pass holder:

Impact The PLL

Be The Voice Of The Fans

Benefit From Being Early

Put Your Mike Rabil Hat On

Through Premier Pass we're giving fans the opportunity to determine which proposed rule changes will be implemented during the All-Star game. This isn't something you'll vote on and the PLL takes that as a suggestion. No. What the Premier Pass holders vote on is what we implement. No questions asked.

The rules you vote on can potentially create a ripple effect that changes the trajectory of the Premier Lacrosse League and the future of professional sports. That's the trust we are putting in our fans, and we're confident it's the right choice.

Premier Pass Specifics

We're not going to spoil too much, but here's what you need to know:

  1. From July 6th - 12th, you have the opportunity to claim a free Premier Pass and vote on the rule changes
  2. Only Premier Pass holders can access the voting
  3. Fans will have 5 proposed rule changes
  4. The top 2 rules will be implemented
  5. After July 12th, the ability to own the Premier Pass and voting closes
  6. Follow on benefits will be announced throughout

Join The Convo

We're going to be hanging out in Discord to answer questions and connect with you all in anticipation of the release. Come swing by and meet other potential Premier Pass holders.