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Redwoods Offseason Recap

By Jake Watts | May 28, 2020

Check out how Redwoods LC has retooled for their revenge tour in 2020.


Myles Jones (Trade), Peyton Smith (College Draft), Chris Price (College Draft), Finn Sullivan (Entry Draft), Greg Puskuldjian (Entry Draft)


Sergio Salcido (Trade), Wes Berg (Expansion Draft), Brian Karalunas (Expansion Draft)

The Trade Heard Around the Lacrosse World

Redwoods LC made a splash this offseason when they swapped midfielders with Chaos LC. The club acquired an All-Star, Myles Jones in exchange for Sergio Salcido. Jones makes this offense scary on paper.  

The freakish athlete brings a different type of play style to the already stacked offense. His strength is getting to the middle of the field and his dodges create a gravitational pull that opens up lanes for shooters. We can expect to see an instant connection between Jones and lefty veteran Joe Walters. The former teammates mesh well and will produce plenty of goals this season. 

Passing of the Guard 

The game said goodbye to a legend this offseason as faceoff Greg Gurenlian retired from professional lacrosse. "The Beast" redefined the faceoff position and set the standard for the next generation. He will pass the torch on to a protege in rookie Peyton Smith, who the team selected with their first pick in the College Draft. Smith, a former Faceoff Academy student has learned from the best. 

The void left could not be filled with just one player though. The club also selected Greg Puskuldjian in the entry draft. Puskuldjian is a veteran with a pro championship on his resume. The new additions will compete for the majority of draws and form a two-headed monster.

Another Tree in the Woods

Redwoods LC added a stud defender to an already stacked unit when Coach Nat St. Laurent selected Finn Sullivan with his first pick in the Entry Draft. Coach St. Laurent loves the new addition to the Woods' defense and believes he is the perfect fit for the club.

“He’s massive, Left-handed, and super rangy. [He] brings an attitude and edge with him and fits our locker room really well; he's played with and knows a lot of guys,” stated St. Laurent when asked about Sullivan.

The new addition adds size to the already large defense. Sullivan will now join his 6’5’’ former teammate Eddy Glazener. The renewed chemistry should expedite the learning curve and the defense shouldn't lose a step in 2020.

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