Boston Cannons vs California Redwoods 2/14/24

Ricky Miezan signs a two-year deal with the California Redwoods

By Jerome Taylor | Mar 5, 2024

When Ricky Miezan initially signed with the California Redwoods for the 2024 Championship Series, everyone was excited to see how his athleticism would translate to the condensed format. 

What people found out, though, was that his lacrosse IQ and skill also translated, and this is one of the reasons he’s signing with the Redwoods heading into training camp for the regular season. 

“From what I saw [in Sixes], I loved and from what I heard from his teammates made me feel more excited,” Redwoods General Manager and Head Coach Nat St. Laurent said about Miezan. “He showed he's got great hands, obviously athletic ability… What his teammates said about him was tremendous. He wants to win. He wants to work hard.”

Before going down with a lower-body injury, Ricky Miezan had turned heads during the Championship Series. He had the power and speed to blow things up defensively, and those same attributes made him a dynamic offensive force. In his debut, the ex-Stanford linebacker put up 3 points (2G, 1A). 

St. Laurent was sold after the first goal. 

“The first goal he scored in his first game where he caught that low pass and smashed that thing low-to-high, I was like, ‘Done,’” St. Laurent said.

Miezan will still have to earn a spot on the 19-player roster once training camp starts. As St. Laurent acknowledged, he’s not “putting much” into Sixes and wants to see Miezan’s game translate in the professional field setting. Despite that, he’s happy to have him rolling with the ‘Woods’ nonetheless. 

“He's selfless, he wants to learn, he wants to watch film, and I think he's going to be built for the PLL,” St. Laurent said. “I'm excited about bringing him on board.”

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