Sarah Griffin’s Fantasy Lineup for Seattle

By Sarah Griffin | Aug 18, 2023


Start: Ryder Garnsey, Redwoods 

Ryder Garnsey is quite the hot commodity in fantasy, and rightfully so. At 39 coins this week, this might be the lowest price we’ll see from him all season and while it’s by no means a “bargain,” it’s well worth it. 

The Redwoods will meet with Chrome for the first time this season on Saturday night and as the story goes for Chrome this year, it has the makings of another statement win for the Woods. 

Since the game versus the Archers in Fairfield back in July, Garnsey hasn’t scored more than two goals in a game - quite a shift from his two six-goal games in the first three weeks of the season. Last weekend he recorded 11 shots, but only one goal against a red-hot Colin Kirst between the pipes. In the second to last week in the regular season, Chrome is still looking for their rhythm and some consistency. He’s never shy to take a shot and tomorrow night’s game seems like the perfect time to capitalize on that and get that playoff momentum moving. 


Start: Zach Currier, Waterdogs 

It’s safe to assume Zach Currier is always in my fantasy lineup. The Waterdogs will take on Chaos for the second time this season and if you remember correctly, Currier put on a big performance on Opening Weekend to help push the ‘Dogs to victory in Albany. He’s the best two-way player in the game for a reason - 4 ground balls and  two goals in transition against Chaos’s defense is quite the day. Now factor in his role at the faceoff - whether it be as a wing or taking the faceoff himself - his value is off the charts, especially for just 28 coins. 


Start: Ian MacKay, Chaos 

Speaking of Chaos versus Waterdogs, this might be the most exciting game of the weekend for me. The Waterdogs pulled out the win by one goal last time, but it was one hard-fought defensive battle. Jack Rowlett held Michael Sowers to just one goal on 8 shots, and their defensive unit as a whole held the reigning champs to 9 goals total.

For me, the matchup of Sowers on Rowlett is a bit too volatile for me to feel confident in picking either one. But if there’s one Chaos defender I’m investing in, it’s Ian MacKay. “The Swiss Army Knife” as he’s called can truly do it all on the field. Heck, with an average of 1.4 points per game and 5 goals on the season, he’s starting to give Currier a run for his money as the best two-way player. Kidding, but seriously - SSDM, LSM, offensive midfielder, he’ll do whatever is needed of him, and I think that’s going to translate very well against the Waterdogs.  Not to mention, all that versatility for 22 coins? Easy. 

Sit: Michael Rexrode, Atlas 

Atlas is in a tough position yet again this week with no Gavin Adler facing a tough Cannons team who beat them 19-12 in Minneapolis. 

Adler’s been the guy getting the top matchups so it’ll be interesting to see who of the Bulls’ defense will get Marcus Holman, Asher Nolting, and Adam Charalambides, who will play for the Cannons the first time this season on attack. 

There’s no two ways about it, Atlas defense has struggled big time this season. The Cannons offense ranks second in the league in efficiency at 33.9%. The first? Whoever is playing Atlas, at 34.2%.

Factor in the inconsistency in the lineup week by week for the Bulls at the defensive midfield, there’s just a lot of question marks surrounding how the Atlas defense is going to handle the Cannons. I only say sit Michael Rexrode in particular because I’m assuming he’s going to match up with Holman who’s been putting on an MVP campaign this year and he’s one of the more expensive defensemen at 26 coins. 


Start: Blaze Riorden, Chaos 

These final two games of the regular season are going to mean a lot for every team. That’s why investing in goaltending is going to be more important than ever. Yes, Blaze Riorden will cost you 39 coins, but there’s zero doubt in any lacrosse fan’s mind he’s worth it.

Blaze recorded his season-best save percentage versus the Waterdogs in Albany (72%). We know Chaos is a team that loves to prove people wrong, and after dropping the season opener and championship back in September to the ‘Dogs, I’d expect a huge game from Blaze. And the standards for a “huge” game for Blaze is worth every penny.


Start: Mike Sisselberger, Archers

It’ll be a battle of the rookies at the stripe tonight in the Game of the Week between the Archers and Whipsnakes. 

Last time these two teams met, Mike Sisselberger dominated against Petey LaSalla with an 85% faceoff percentage. In the Archers’ last two games, Sisselberger was tasked with facing off against Trevor Baptiste and Connor Farrell and definitely struggled against the veterans. As the Archers shift to playoff mode, it’s important for Sisselberger to end the regular season on a high note. Matching up with LaSalla again who he knows and played with confidence against is huge. 

Sit: TD Ierlan, Redwoods 

Chrome have had a laundry list of struggles this season, but Connor Farrell at the faceoff hasn’t been one. 

Saturday night will be the first time TD Ierlan meets with Farrell this year, but in 2022 Farrell won the faceoff battle in both meetings with TD and the Redwoods. TD’s been great for the Redwoods this season with a 68% faceoff percentage in 8 games played. However, as Chrome fights for their playoff life, they’re really going to want to capitalize on having Farrell at the stripe in this traditional faceoff matchup. 

Especially at 35 coins, for this week at least I’d avoid using him. Chrome have a lot more on the line than the Redwoods.



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