Sarah Griffin’s Fantasy Lineup for the 2023 All-Star Game

By Sarah Griffin | Jul 21, 2023



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Ryder Garnsey (Veterans, Redwoods)

Selecting a lineup for an All-Star Game might be one of the hardest tasks yet because how do you pick the best from a roster made up of the best of the best already?

Easy. You take Ryder Garnsey.

Garnsey's dominated this season for the Woods. He leads the league in goals (19) and is tied with Cannons' Asher Nolting in points (22).

It's been close to impossible for defenders to cover Garnsey on-ball. Once the ball is in his stick, chances are it's going in the back of the net. He ranks second in the league in shooting percentage at 55.6% and as we've all come to learn over the years, no one Ryder Garnsey goal is the same.

Behind the back, diving in the air, rolling around on the ground, the guy can capitalize in any situation.

The All-Star Game is the perfect time for creativity and highlight-reel worthy goals. In his first ever All-Star appearance, this stage was made for Garnsey.

Asher Nolting (Rising Stars, Cannons)

I mentioned Asher Nolting is tied with Garnsey as the league points leader and if you've watched even one Cannons game this season, that should come as no surprise.

The Cannons have been playing their best lacrosse these last few weeks with three straight wins. As long as they continue to have Nolting quarterback their offense, don't expect them to slow down any time soon.

In only his second professional season, Nolting's reduced his turnover rate from 13.1% in 2022 to 4.1% - the 18th lowest in the league amongst players with 100+ touches. Surrounded by veterans Marcus Holman and Matt Kavanagh on attack, he's quickly ascended as a premier attackman both as a passer and shooter.

"Nolting thrives as a facilitator in his new role as the Cannons' primary ball carrier," Grant DelVecchio said.

His lacrosse IQ sparks opportunities all over the field not just for his teammates, but also for himself.

Nolting netted four unassisted goals on seven shots in Fairfield last Saturday in arguably his best professional game yet.

In his second All-Star appearance, expect a star-worthy performance (all puns intended) from the young attackman. He's playing with confidence, and his Rising Stars teammates should be very excited to be on the field with him right now.


Zach Currier (Veterans, Waterdogs)

One thing about me is I'm never not going to pick Zach Currier. The Waterdogs midfielder is the best two-way player in the world, point blank.

Currier's a mainstay in my fantasy lineup every week and All-Star is no different. 4 points, 4 assists, 17 ground balls, and 5 caused turnovers, there's not much this guy can't do. Heck, throw him on the faceoff and watch him beat his opponents there too.

Lethal in transition whether on offense or defense, expect this vet to give some of the young rising stars a headache.

Tucker Dordevic (Rising Stars, Whipsnakes)

It's been a rocky season for the Whipsnakes riddled with injuries, but rookie Tucker Dordevic's been a bright spot.

The midfielder currently stands as the frontrunner for the 2023 Rookie of the Year. After he fell to sixth overall in the draft back in May, many people asked, "how do you let Tucker Dordevic fall to the Whips?" and since then, he's been making his opponents ask that every week since Albany.

Dordevic is first in the league in shots taken with 46. There's certainly no first year jitters when it comes to him ripping one at the net, and why should there be?

"I want Tucker to shoot when it's the appropriate shot to take," Whipsnakes head coach Jim Stagnitta told Adam Lamberti back in early June.

“Shot selection is something that all young guys gotta get used to. He’s going to be a really good player and he’s going to learn as we go.”

Described as a "unicorn" by Paul Carcaterra, Dordevic's a mutli-faceted player with experience both at attack and midfield. Though he's back to playing middie with the Whips, his time at attack at Georgetown gave him valuable experience as a dodger down low as well.

That kind of versatility can go very far in the style and pace of the All-Star Game. It maybe his first All-Star appearance, but I'm going to guess it won't be his last.


Latrell Harris (Rising Stars, Archers)

Latrell Harris was added as an alternate to the Rising Stars roster a couple days ago, but he's someone that probably should've been there from the start.

SSDMs rarely get the recognition they deserve, and what Harris does for the Archers on a weekly basis can't be overstated. He combines speed, IQ, and that infamous hard-hat mentality of SSDMs to make him a monster in the midfield.

It's tough for teams to capitalize in transition against the Archers with a midfield defensive unit led by Harris. He's already caused five turnovers in five games to surpass his 2022 total of four.

Additionally, he's elevated his game even further as a mentor on and off the field in just his third season to rookies Connor Maher and Piper Bond.

“It’s a thankless, important, and underrated position,” Coach Chris Bates told Zach Carey.

“Latrell is just one of the best out there. Physically he just continues to mature. His confidence has grown and he’s just been that much more consistent. He’s dialed into a game plan and he’s executing it.”

He might be a Rising Star, but Harris plays like a seasoned vet.


Blaze Riorden (Veterans, Chaos)

If you can add Blaze Riorden to your fantasy lineup, you do it. Simple.

Chaos head coach Andy Towers is never shy about showing his support for his guys and when it comes to Blaze, because after all, how do you pass on "the best goalie in the world?"

Coming off a gold medal for Team USA only a few weeks ago, Blaze shines in the big moments. This one is a no-brainer.


Mike Sisselberger (Rising Stars, Archers)

The last time rookie Mike Sisselberger faced Connor Farrell at the stripe, he went 10-for-21 (48%), his lowest faceoff percentage of the season. The Archers still won, but after an 80% pro debut the weekend before, it was the first bit of adversity Sisselberger faced in the pros.

Now almost two months later, Sisselberger trails Farrell by just .9% at the faceoff at 70%.

Every week Sisselberger continues to get better and adjust. In combination with all the changes that come in the transition from playing college to professional lacrosse, he and the Archers have also learned to play to the 32-second shot clock off the faceoff better than others.

In his second go-around with Farrell, I'm rolling with the youth movement in the All-Star Game.



Calling all couch GMs. Set your lineup, compete with friends and win big weekly.