Sarah Griffin’s Jersey Rankings

By Sarah Griffin | Nov 21, 2022

In another big J journalism endeavor by yours truly, I’ve ranked my favorite Champion jersey for each team, home or away, in honor of today’s biggest jersey sale of the year

Of course, this is just one girl’s opinion so take it all with a grain of salt (but Atlas’s away jersey is number one).

8. Chrome LC's white jerseys

I’m still holding out hope for pink jerseys for the Chrome one day, but the color combination of their home jerseys works just as well. The pink trim on the sleeves is without a doubt my favorite part; Chrome’s unique color scheme really is displayed perfectly in this jersey.

7. Redwoods LC's green jerseys

The striped green Redwoods jerseys are always a fan favorite, and for good reason. It’s become a classic look and chances are if you’ve ever been to a PLL game, you’ve seen hundreds of them in the crowd. There’s no better way to support the Woods than in the signature green. 

6. Archers LC's orange jerseys

The Archers are another team with a fun color scheme and the pop the orange home jerseys brings to the field is almost as exciting as the Archers’ offense itself. The signature striped-sleeves really polishes off the look in navy blue to match the logo and contrast the vibrancy of the orange. 

5. Cannons LC's blue jerseys

The Cannons away jersey nails it in combining the traditional Cannons look with the red, white, and blue with a modern upgrade thanks to the ombre style of it. I especially like the white at the bottom to break up what would otherwise be an all-over navy jersey, which though traditional and sleek, can sometimes be a bit boring. 

4. Chaos LC's black-and-red jerseys

I mentioned the vibrancy of the Whipsnakes red away jersey matches their team well, but I don’t think any jersey matches a roster better than the Chaos away jersey. It’s gritty, it’s tough, and it really does embody the Chaos. Josh Byrne SportsCenter Top 10 goals and Jack Rowlett diving trail checks just look right in these. 

3. Waterdogs LC's light purple jerseys

If you haven’t caught on by now I’m a big fan of color, and the Waterdogs’ color scheme happens to be my favorite. Their light purple home jerseys really seem to fly under the radar. There’s really no better way to describe these jerseys than simply straight up pretty. As Taylor Swift would say, I really do just want to stay in that lavender haze. 

2. Whipsnakes LC's red jerseys

The Whipsnakes away jersey makes a statement. The bright red with the turquoise outlining is vibrant and bold. Something about the red really matches the vibe of this powerful Whipsnakes team. Overall, 10/10.

1. Atlas LC's solar blue jerseys

Maybe it’s because I’m a sucker for the solar blue, but everything about the Atlas’s away jersey is clean. The logo, the white lettering, it’s perfection. You don’t even have to be an Atlas fan to admit these look incredible every time they’re on the field.