Premier Lacrosse League To Visit The Twins Cities During 2020 Season

Premier Lacrosse League To Visit The Twins Cities During 2020 Season

The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) announced this morning that the league will travel to the Minneapolis-St. Paul market during the upcoming 2020 season. Viking Lakes, home of the Minnesota Vikings and the recently-constructed TCO Stadium in Eagan, MN will host the PLL on July 11 and 12. This will be the league’s first time visiting the state of Minnesota.
8 PLL x NFL Player Comparisons

8 NFL x PLL Comparisons

Garrett Epple and Ray Lewis There might be better modern comparisons. Epple hawks passing lanes like Luke Kuechly. He either deflects or cleanly picks three or four passes per game. And when he slides, he slides with the body like another #52: Ray Lewis.

Top 10 Moments Of The Archers Season

From an overtime win in the PLL’s first game all the way back on June 1 to demolishing the Atlas for the first overall draft pick, the Archers’ season had no shortage of memorable moments.
Joe Keegan's All-Film Team

The All-Film Team

Welcome to the first-ever installment of what I hope will become an annual tradition: The All-Film Team. This is the most watchable team in lacrosse. These players have games that lacrosse junkies appreciate in ways that casual viewers or box score browsers might not. They move off-ball. They fight relentlessly for groundballs. They make the pass before the pass. You might not notice them when you watch the game live, but on a second viewing, they jump off the screen.
Archers win the first overall pick!

Atlas LC vs. Archers LC First Overall Draft Pick Game Recap

The Archers are on the clock! The first overall pick game between Archers and Atlas was a one-sided battle from start to finish. Archers finished with the highest-scoring game of the season. The final score was a lopsided 25-7.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Championship Edition

1. Rambo’s vision in pick-and-rolls Last week, Connor Fields was stranded on Landis Island. Matt Landis locked him down for 48 minutes. While we billed Landis against Matt Rambo (3G, 3A) as the marquee matchup, the Whipsnakes had different plans.
GAME RECAP: Archers defeat Chrome in Post Season Round 2

Archers vs. Chrome Postseason Round 2 Recap

After Redwoods punched their ticket in a convincing win over Chaos, Chrome and Archers took the field to determine who would be the final team to make it to Championship weekend and compete for the first overall draft pick.
Joe Keegan's 10 Man Ride Week 8 San Jose

10 Man Ride: Postseason Round 2 New York

1. A throwback throwback The Chaos went into the locker room with momentum, but the Redwoods snatched it back and took over the game in the third quarter. During that run Kyle Harrison drove down the lefty alley, drew Joe Walters’ defender, rolled back, and threw it eight yards and 10 years behind him to Walters.
GAME RECAP: Archers defeat the Whipsnakes in Albany

Whipsnakes vs. Archers Week 10 Albany Recap

In the 30th and final game of the Premier Lacrosse League’s inaugural regular season, Archers looked to clinch a playoff berth with a win over Whipsnakes. Following an Atlas victory the night before and a dominating Redwoods performance earlier in the day, Archers would need a victory to be in the race for The Crown. Across from them, Whipsnakes had clinched a Top 2 playoff spot and were looking to continue to build momentum from their Week 9 17-4 victory over Redwoods and head into playoffs firing on all cylinders.