We are past the halfway point of the first PLL season. People still remain curious and ask the same questions they asked at the onset. What is it like? I honestly didn’t know what to expect when it started but deep down I believed it was going to be something special, something different that would be a groundbreaking experience for players and fans alike.
It’s Monday morning after Week 8 in San Jose where we just clinched a spot in the PLL playoffs. With a team goal of winning the PLL Championship this season, clinching a playoff spot is the first step to hopefully accomplishing that goal. However, we still have a long way to go as every team in this league is capable of going on a run and beating any other team in the league.
For us the season has clearly seen its ups and downs and our journey to the playoffs has been one that I will not forget. That is a tribute to our assistant coaches, players, and medical staff.
It is hard to believe that we are heading into the All Star break already. Last December I remember sitting in a conference room in New York City with the other newly appointed head coaches for the PLL.
Full disclosure, to write a Coaches Corner after three heartbreaking one goal losses in a row is not easy! I am filled with great optimism about the Archers’ next steps though. We’ve got a gritty, competitive group that embraces challenge, for sure. I am also filled with great optimism about the PLL – so let me explain.
I just came home from Chicago, where we played our Week 3 games of this inaugural season in the PLL, and outside of being asked “how’s it going?” the question that has surfaced the most has been “what’s it like to coach the best players in the world?”
Coaches Corner with Jim Stagnitta on if he was excited to coach and play a part in the first-ever PLL games.
When we first came together in May at IMG Academy we shared the same goal as every other PLL team; to win the first-ever league championship.