Eddy Glazener’s Journey Back from a Torn Achilles By Jerome Taylor | Jul 27, 2023 Tweet Eddy Glazener, the defensive linchpin of the Redwoods, was forced to grapple with a formidable challenge this year – the repercussions of a partial Achilles tear. This devastating injury which occurred during a matchup against the Waterdogs last August […]
Redwoods Struggle to Recover From Early Deficit, Fall to 2-1 By Jerome Taylor Jun 19, 2023 Sometimes it’s just not your night.  That was the case for Redwoods LC on Saturday against the Whipsnakes. In an 18-11 loss, nothing was going their way.  “The blame all starts at the top with us (coaches),” Redwoods head […]
2020 All-Film Team By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Sep 15, 2020 Welcome to the second annual edition of the All-Film Team. A refresher if you missed the 2019 edition: These are players whose games you don’t fully appreciate until a second or third viewing of the game. They scrap. They set seals and cut hard. […]
After the Redwoods defeated the Chaos 12-7 to advance to the inaugural PLL Championship, the mood in the club’s locker room at Red Bull Arena was, rightly, jubilant.