Hall of Fame Inductee: Matt Striebel By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Feb 17, 2022 A two-sport athlete at Princeton, Matt Striebel played lacrosse like a soccer player. In MLL offseasons, Striebel played three years of professional soccer from 2002-04 for the Western Massachusetts Pioneers of the USL Second Division. “His fitness level was just off […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: Mark Millon By Chris Rosenthall | Feb 16, 2022 Tweet I learned to play lacrosse in a place we called The Pit, a half-grass, half-dirt practice field at the bottom of the hill behind my old high school. During individual practice sessions at The Pit, I sharpened my attack skills by […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: Casey Powell By Chris Rosenthall & Kyle Devitte | Feb 15, 2022 Tweet People like to separate players in other sports into eras. Lacrosse does that to a certain extent, but not as derisively or dismissively. But one day they will. A new generation of lacrosse fanboys and fan ladies will […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: Paul Cantabene By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Feb 15, 2022 Prior to his senior season at Loyola in ‘93, Paul Cantabene had only taken 105 faceoffs for the Greyhounds. He was a midfielder. An All-American midfielder as a senior – though earned equally through his offense (17G, 13A) and his faceoff […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: Brian Dougherty By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Feb 15, 2022 Eight-year-old Blaze Riorden would go to Rochester Rattlers games with his father. The roster was loaded with legends of the game: Ryan Powell. John Glatzel. Tim Soudan. Blaze gravitated toward one player in particular – the boisterous goaltender oozing confidence from […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: Pat McCabe By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Feb 15, 2022 Chaos LC offensive coordinator Matt Panetta played with Pat McCabe at Elmont High School before battling against him at Hopkins and Syracuse, respectively, in the early ‘90s. Panetta rattles off the takeaway checks in McCabe’s arsenal with no signs of slowing […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: Nicky Polanco By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Feb 15, 2022 Everyone loved to have Nicky Polanco on their team; and they hated playing against him. “He’d get on his eye black. He’d take a swig of water. He’d spit it out. And he’d be a completely different human,” said Atlas LC […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: John Gagliardi By Joe Keegan PLL Analyst Feb 15, 2022 A student of Dave Pietramala’s at Johns Hopkins, John Gagliardi was the premier cover defense in Major League Lacrosse during the early 2000s. “He was just so cerebral,” said Long Island Lizards teammate Keith Cromwell. “He was always in great position. […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: Gary Gait By Chris Rosenthall | Feb 15, 2022 Tweet Shortly after she bought me my first lacrosse stick, I handed my mother a camera and asked her to take my picture in front of our house. At the bottom of our driveway, sporting denim shorts and a cartoonishly oversized smile, […]
Hall of Fame Inductee: Jay Jalbert By Kyle Devitte | Feb 15, 2022 Tweet One of the things that great players all share is how easy they make the game look. For every incredible move a player pulls off on a field, either in front of a crowd or on video for posterity, another dream […]